8 Working Tips On How To Maintain Curly Hair

Curly hair care

A big question to every curly hair person in mind is how to maintain curly hair?

Having curly hair always attracts questions like, how do you manage them?

How do you deal with them?

Do you tie them up?

Do you really have to care about them?

Do combs pass by your hair?

But despite all that, we do not care, because we love those beautiful curls, Don’t we?

So here are some tips on how to maintain curly hair ->

To provide them with a little protection, so that those waves remain like what they are and do not get spoiled because of some harsh chemicals or other things that are available in the market.


1. Use products that are alcohol-free

Do not use shampoos or conditioners that have alcohol in them, they really damage our hair and don’t let them sustain those pretty curls.

2. Comb your hair before washing hair

Or while you have applied the conditioner, comb them at that time and leave it for a while, brush your fingers against your scalp and massage it a little.

That not only untangles your hair and scrapes of impurities from your hair but also encourages blood flow and circulation through your hair, which is the only way your hair can grow stronger.

3. Oiling your hair is a must

But what is more important is to use an adequate amount of oil, do not completely dampen your hair in oil, excess oil never works, also if you put excess oil in your scalp it will only lead to the use of excess shampoo and that will completely wear off the effect of oil and all that oiling will go in waste.


Rather it is important to take adequate amount of oil, and preferably hot oil and then massage thoroughly with gentle hands all over your scalp because it is basically the scalp which needs the major nutrition and which keeps the hair healthy.

4. Never dry your hair off with a normal towel, rather use a cotton cloth or your T-shirts.

Drying off hair by a normal towel, make them entangle more and all rub off the required moisture that is needed to keep them looking better.

Also, it is important that one must not tie there hair in a towel and leave them up on their head, that makes the hair even worse.

It is important to take care of your hair, and if you do tie your hair up with a towel, that only stretches your hair and results into hair fall.

Our hair is sensitive when they are wet, therefore it’s important we use a soft T-shirt to dry them up and also if you want to tie them up you can use the same T-shirt but that too without any pressure.

5. Argon oil:

Arian oil

If you have curly and frizzy hair ad you have not used Argon oil yet, just go and grab a bottle now, its just magic, it is like the best thing on hair, and it also smells amazing.

Argon oil is to be used in rather a particular way. Once you have towel dried your hair, take two-three drops of argan oil on your hand, and then rub them off on your hair brushing from mid-hair towards the roots until it has coated all the hair.

It not only provides the required nourishment to the hair but also helps to avoid any kind of frizziness and makes your hair look even shinier.

It breaks the normal conception that oil makes your hair look sticky rather it makes them look better and also gives your hair the right amount of shine.

6. Use a leave-in conditioner or aloe vera gel

After you have washed your hair, curls need to be protected, so it is important to avoid that frizziness that you use some really good conditioner or aloe vera gel and apply them on your hair so that they can keep your hair intact and nice with good nourishment.

Aloe vera

Also if you live in a place with lots of moisture, you can use aloe vera gel and that will be much better as it will not be sticky at all and still does the work of locking the nourishment in hair.

7. Another thing that I have learned after years of having curly hair is

Try to wash your hair a day before you have to go out, and try to wash them, and not go anywhere until they are completely dry and settle because when hair is wet and you get them open into the environment, they just turn into worse and dry off very roughly.

So if you have an important function tomorrow, wash your hair today evening, after completing all the outdoor work and stay inside.

8. You can also try taking a nap after washing your hair

Not only you get the best nap of the day, but also, it lets your hair to breathe properly, without being rubbed off by your hands or anything, again and again, you also don’t feel the pressure to tie them up to do work.

And when you wake up after that nap, trust me you are going to have the most gorgeous curls.

9. Using of appliances

Especially that produced heat to style your hair, not only damage your hair but also takes a long time to recover from it.

Therefore it becomes important that this shall be done very often.

You must not use styling appliances daily on your head, you must only use them occasionally.

10. Do apply a hair mask to revive them from the damage.

That’s all my pro tips on how to maintain curly hair.

-Written by Kalyani Yadav(Natural born curl hair girl)

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2 thoughts on “8 Working Tips On How To Maintain Curly Hair

  1. Oiling and washing are the main things which one should follow who has curly hair.

    My sister has curly hair, she immediately comb her hair after bath because she knows it is imposdible to detangle hair when they dry.


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