Street food

18 Most Popular Street Food Ideas Around The World

Well, although we all enjoy the fine refined cuisine in a fancy restaurant, nothing can match up with the authenticity of the street food.

They describe about the people, history, weather and culture of a particular region and represents the ancient flavors they have discovered.

Travelers and foodies strongly intersect at this point of relishing the best street foods which comes with a lot of fantastic flavors and emotions.

Street food is not only about getting food at cheaper rates than any restaurant(though it is also considered important), but also we get to have the actual taste of the real flavours that reminds one of his or her culinary home.

We make a lot of memories, wonderful moments when we interact both with the local people and food that feeds both our stomach and soul.

So, here’s a brief of major street foods of different countries and how compulsory it is to try them when you make a trip to all those places…

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Irritate bestie

20 Surefire Ways To Irritate Your Girl Bestie For Fun

There is nothing more amazing than finding someone who matches upto your level of craziness, isn’t it?

Yeah, you are right.

I am talking about your girl bestie with whom you can spend the entire day without keeping the track of time.

From sharing every secret to work as a guide in your life, she owns a very precious place in your heart.

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Music festivals

8 Best Music Festivals In India for A Music Enthusiast

Audacious is the nearest word for a music enthusiast which roughly translates to showing willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.

This translation gives us what the music is really about.

Music enthusiast can’t hear music because they feel it.

Are you a Music enthusiast?

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North indian food

Famous North Indian Dishes That One Must Try

We Indians are well known for our rich and diverse varieties of food habits.

From extreme north to extreme south, from every different religion, state, culture emerges an unique taste of food that attracts foodies from all over the world.

Be it an expensive dessert in a multi-cuisine restaurant or even a street food, they are equally mouth watering and delicious.

I feel so proud as an Indian that many uncountable dishes with different textures and taste can be made out of a handful of spices.

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Exciting day

10 Ways To Make Your Regular Boring Day More Exciting

Hello guys,

There’s this famous quote that can spark an interest to challenge yourself within you:

“If something that you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you”

When you find yourself frustrated with where you are, it is the perfect time to Challenge Yourself!

Push yourself to go further.

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