Why Maida Is Really Not At All Good For Health In Long Term?

When it comes down to food especially Indian recipes the word ‘maida’ which means white flour is a very common term.

1 out of every 5 recipes that is prepared in your home is surely containing maida as one of the prime ingredients.

Flatbreads such as Naan, Tandoori rooti, bhatoora, Kulcha and many more such dishes are made with maida.

It is also in cake recipes and and in so many other food products.

We unknowingly consume a very huge amount of maida and it’s products in our day to day life which can surely have a negative long time impact in our health.

Shopping guide

Is Mumbai’s Cheap Street Market Shopping Really Worthy?

Mumbai is a city of dreams, not only for actors but also for girls.

Because it is the best place(after Delhi) for street market shopping.
You get so many things on the streets with very pocket-friendly prices.
Now the question comes are they really friendly?
Or just an illusion..

Winter skin care

10 Essential Tips For Healthy Winter Skin That You Should Follow

Since the winter season has already arrived the time to wrap yourself within the blanket and being late in the morning is usual for everyone.

It’s the best season to watch your favorite series along with sipping coffee with your favorite person or a book, isn’t it?

Winter season has its own perks with the trend of not leaving your blanket until it’s too late, drinking hot chocolate, sipping coffee and then buying gifts for the upcoming festive of Christmas.

But along with all these mood uplifting tricks and merriment we should also take care of ourselves in this season.

10 Kind of Books You Can Read While Traveling

Exploring new places is fun , but while we are going on looking for our wanderlust trip, we often get engaged in long-duration traveling to reach the destination of our dreams and we often feel confused as to what we should do or engage into, to make it even more enjoyable, so here are some book recommendations you can try while you are traveling.

Curly hair care

10 Pro Tips to Embrace Your Curls | Curly Hair Care Guide

Having curly hair always attracts questions like, how do you manage them?

How do you deal with them?

Do you tie them up?

Do you really have to care about them?

Do combs pass by your hair?

But despite all that, we do not care, because we love those beautiful curls, Don’t we?

So here are some tips to take care of curly hair and to provide them with a little protection, so that those waves remain like what they are and do not get spoiled because of some harsh chemicals or other things that are available in the market.

Winter fashion 2018

13 Autumn/Winter 2018 Fashion Trends You Need To Know Now

Since the pre winter season has already arrived it’s time to refill your wardrobe with latest winter collections.

There’s a huge variety of winter wear than can make you look fashionable and keep you warm at the same time.

But we often get confused about what to buy as even if you decide to buy a long jacket there is an enormous varieties under it.

So, here are some tips that might be helpful to you regarding what kind of winter garments you shall pick up this season!

Quirky brands

14 Quirky Online Brands In India You Just Can’t Lay Your Eyes Off

With emerging creativity and the craze for wearing casual yet funky and cool outfits have made some Indian brands famous for their unique styles of décor and apparels.

These brands knows very well about what today’s population finds more attractive, what is trendy, what’s fun to wear and every single thing about innovation in fashion.

The outfits are vibrant with designs that are unconventionally quirky and attractive.

Mental health

Why taking care of Mental Health is Important in this Digital era?

Isn’t dieting and taking care of health is so-called trend nowadays, but in following this trend, the mental health is been ignored.

Especially in a country like India,if we see some of the popular Netflix shows based outside, we can see that majorly people take help of physiatrist or when they feel like a lot of things have been building up inside them , they take there help when they want a stranger as well as a person who will not judge them in any situation , but same is not at all followed in India because going to physiatrist is like a taboo in our society.

Diwali sweets

12 Easy Homemade Sweet Recipes for A Sweet Tooth

As we all know that the festival of lights has already arrived, so first of all let me wish everyone a very happy and fun-filled Diwali.

The noise of fire crackers, the bright lights have already started and along with that our excitement has reached its peak.

By now all of you must have decorated your house with lights and candles and beautiful diyas.

Rangoli is also made mainly in the verandah of our house which triggers the beauty of the decoration.

Diwali outfit ideas

9 Amazing Festive Party Outfit Ideas Inspired by Komal Pandey

Diwali is a festival where we all wear some beautiful clothes and brightest of clothes, and here we are with a collection of mix and match outfits to complete your look :

1. Breezy flowing Maxis :

If you are someone who is bored of all those traditional outfits and you want to try something new and different, these Indo western maxis are there to save your day , and not only are there pretty but also help you stay in touch with the Indian vibe, while wearing something entirely different and you can hop to all the places without worrying about wearing some heavy stuff.