road trips

Tips From A Travel Influencer For The Unforgettable Road Trips

Hello readers, have you ever gone on any road trips?

It doesn’t matter how long!

You may have heard this quote,

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”

Me and my friends take it seriously and also done an unplanned road trip, recently.

camping in india

Best Places For Camping In India You Shouldn’t Miss

Being an Indian I feel blessed that I have taken birth in a country with an enormous geographical variation and indescribable beauty.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari we have always appreciated the beauty our motherland beholds.

India has uncountable places that are not yet explored by any individual and are waiting for travelers to unfold their secrets in front of the entire world.

Places in goa

10 Must Places To Visit In Goa | Sightseeing And Things To Do

Hello readers, how are you?

I know as usual fine.

Thinking about Goa holiday?

Looking at Goa for family vacation?

There are plenty of amazing things to see and do in Goa.

Goa is famous because of its natural beauty and soothing weather which made it a very popular tourist place.

Jacob riglin

Jacob Riglin Proves That Travel Photography Is An Art

Hello folks, today we talk about travel photography, many of you have know about it and many of you don’t.

Travel photography means a travel photo as an image that expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state.

Travel Photographer need to be creative and come up with new angles to stand out from the crowd and have the right equipment too.

A pretty picture is not enough.

It needs to be high quality and it needs to be original.

Meet a 23 year old talented photographer, who inspires world with his photography.


Wander and Ponder during a travel journey | Travel Thoughts

Basic meaning of wandering is to move around or go to different places usually without having a particular purpose or direction, and then pondering means to think about something carefully.

So now if you combine these two together, i.e: Wandering and Pondering together it creates the most beautiful moment of someone’s life.

WE all have experiences of wandering and pondering, don’t we?

How about I share one of the mine experiences of wandering and pondering?

Homesick for travelling

Have you ever felt homesick for travelling?

PEOPLE HAVE BEEN on the move since prehistoric times; initially to find food or territory, and then for trade, exploration, and pleasure.

It is only since the 19th century, with the advent of new, efficient methods of transport, that mass travel has become widely available.

In 1990, there were 425 million tourists worldwide.

Have you ever felt homesickness for travelling?

Spend time

How To Spend Time While Travelling For Long Hours

No matter where you stay, travelling is an integral part of your life.

To go somewhere you have to leave the sanctity of your house, step out and travel to wherever you want to be.

And since we are not kids anymore and obviously not being a pro at adulting, most of the time we are just sitting in our ride, looking outside the window trying to figure out life.

Instead, there are a few things to do which might actually make the ride pleasant.

Mumbai locals

Mumbai locals: The daily struggle of a Mumbaikar

For many people travelling is an activity that they indulge in for either relaxing their mind, to explore a new place, to reconnect with their inner self or maybe just escape the normal routines of life.

But for an average Mumbaikar, travelling is nothing less than a battle won.

Every day is a new opportunity to fight for that fourth seat on a local train, to bicker about the horrible roads, to feel frustrated all over again.

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