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Mental health

Why taking care of Mental Health is Important in this Digital era?

Isn’t dieting and taking care of health is so-called trend nowadays, but in following this trend, the mental health is been ignored.


All About #MeToo Movement

Metoo movement- Reality or just a punlicity stunt?


Why everybody should be a bookworm like me

World of bookworms


A Story That Will Tell You The Difference Between Love And Possession

A story of love and possession


Wander and Ponder during a travel journey | Travel Thoughts

Wander and ponder during a travel journey

Homesick for travelling

Have you ever felt homesick for travelling?

Homesick for travelling

Sad songs

10 Best Sad Songs Of All Time | Heart Touching Songs

Sad songs of all time

Younger version

10 Things I Wish I Could Tell A Younger Version of Myself

Things I would tell to a younger version of myself

Live more

What would you do If you Have Only One Week to Live?

Live more


How to stop Overthinking and why it is disastrous?

Overthinking kills

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