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What Is Procrastination And How To Deal With It

Just by changing some of the habits you can conquer it. Live your life more by conquering procrastination.


10 Grooming Tips For Men Every Guy Should Know

Grooming is very important for men these days. It helps to build your personality.

5 Things You Learn From An Internship Experience In College

Why Internships are important in college life?

6 Practical Tips To Achieve New Year Resolutions

Some practical tips which can help you to achieve your goals/resolutions in 2019.

New Year Resolution Ideas List For 2019 

Some ideas for new year resolutions to help you out.

15 Best Protein Vegan Food For Vegetarians

You can have protein in vegan food too. You just need to change your habits a bit. As a Indian I have made a list of foods that can easily be available in the Indian market.

Online planners

10 Best Online Planners and Calendars For 2019

Why do planning alone? Bring home this beautiful planners for 2019.

Curvy women lingerie

Must-Have Lingerie For Plus Size Curvy Women

Lingerie is a very important thing in our clothing and should be choosed with a proper knowledge.


Why Maida Is Really Not At All Good For Health In Long Term?

Maida is not good for health at all. Even if some food doesn’t provide nutritional value, is ok. But if food is taking away your nutrients than how it is different from some disease?

Quirky brands

14 Quirky Online Brands In India You Just Can’t Lay Your Eyes Off

With emerging creativity and the craze for wearing casual yet funky and cool outfits have made some Indian brands famous for their unique styles of décor and apparels.

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