15 Yum Starters You Should Definitely Try This Festive Season

Hey guys!!

Hope you are spending your Navratri and durga puja well.

Meeting school friends, hanging out with them, family reunion and a lot of fun are the best things that happen to us in a festive season.

Irrespective of how our lives our going and how busy we are, some or the other way we find our way back to home with the people we love the most.

That is the true essence and beauty of any festival which brings us all together.

We start planning like a month before about where to go, what to wear and most importantly what to eat.

Well no matter what we cannot afford to miss out good food right?

For me that’s like the best part of an outing.

So, today I am going to mention fifteen amazing, mouth watering and fulfilling starters you must try this festive season.

Rice recipes

3 Healthy Rice Recipes Which Are Also Yummy

Rice is gaining popularity around the world , but here just wanted to give you some new ideas about how to change the taste of it , because we get bored of eating the same old dishes , don’t we ?

So here are three rice recipes that are quick and will make you happy to eat .

regional food

Indian Regional Dishes You Need To Give A Shot

Gourmand is a person who loves food and eat too often.

Indian subcontinent is the home to a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines.

Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate, culture, ethnic groups, and occupations, these cuisines vary substantially from each other and use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

Indian food is also heavily influenced by religion, in particular Hindu, and cultural choices and traditions.

Traveling around India is the only way to gain an appreciation of the true variety of Indian food that actually exists.

So, whether you are spending a weekend up in the valleys of Himachal or vacationing down south to Kerala, you will witness striking dissimilarities in the kind of foods people savor.

This is what makes India one of the much-loved countries by gourmet foodies the world over.

Below is a listing of a few Indian regions and their special dishes giving a little insight of the food scenic variety.

Street food

18 Most Popular Street Food Ideas Around The World

Well, although we all enjoy the fine refined cuisine in a fancy restaurant, nothing can match up with the authenticity of the street food.

They describe about the people, history, weather and culture of a particular region and represents the ancient flavors they have discovered.

Travelers and foodies strongly intersect at this point of relishing the best street foods which comes with a lot of fantastic flavors and emotions.

Street food is not only about getting food at cheaper rates than any restaurant(though it is also considered important), but also we get to have the actual taste of the real flavours that reminds one of his or her culinary home.

We make a lot of memories, wonderful moments when we interact both with the local people and food that feeds both our stomach and soul.

So, here’s a brief of major street foods of different countries and how compulsory it is to try them when you make a trip to all those places…

North indian food

Famous North Indian Dishes That One Must Try

We Indians are well known for our rich and diverse varieties of food habits.

From extreme north to extreme south, from every different religion, state, culture emerges an unique taste of food that attracts foodies from all over the world.

Be it an expensive dessert in a multi-cuisine restaurant or even a street food, they are equally mouth watering and delicious.

I feel so proud as an Indian that many uncountable dishes with different textures and taste can be made out of a handful of spices.

Places to eat in delhi

Best Places to Eat in Delhi|Foodie Heaven

Gone are those days when food was only a necessity.

For now, it’s a culture when it represents the people of a place, it’s an art when it beautifies the empty dishes.

It’s a remedy, at least for me when I am too sad, anxiety driven or nervous and it’s even an invention when it comes to the making of the burger looking at Usama Bin Laden’s turban.