3 Tips for Getting Back to Work After Children Leave Home

Tips for Getting Back to Work After Children Leave Home

When your children leave home to embark on new adventures, the experience is bittersweet. A part of you will be filled with pride because they’ve become independent adults, but a part of you will feel overwhelmed with loss because your home is empty. If you’ve been out of work to focus on parenting, the thought of returning can bring up feelings of anxiety. To help you overcome these feelings and get back to the grind, we’ve put together this series of tips. 

Update Your Online Presence and CV

Job hunting takes place online in 2023, and your online presence and CV are the first things potential employers will see. Start with your social media profiles, and make sure they look professional. If your wall is full of questionable posts, then consider updating your privacy settings. However, you should remember that your profile pictures are public, so remove anything that could be mistaken as offensive. 

When it comes to your CV, you have to edit it for each job you’re applying for. For example, a job in customer service will call for communication skills, so make sure these are highlighted and discussed first. 

Consider Transferable Skills

Being a stay-at-home parent doesn’t mean you haven’t improved your skills over the years. For example, being a parent involves communication, time management, organisation, problem-solving, and creativity, which can all be used in the world of work. On your CV and in cover letters, discuss these transferable skills and explain how they equip you to fulfil the role. 

If you’re looking for something meaningful, then consider becoming a foster carer. You already have the skills to provide a caring environment full of love, so why not let children in need benefit? To find out what’s involved and to start the application process, head over to thefca.co.uk.

Set Work-Life Balance Boundaries

When you return to work, it can be easy to focus all of your energy on work to fill the void of having an empty nest, but this will only end in disaster. To keep yourself feeling positive, it’s important to set boundaries for your work-life balance. The following strategies will help:

  • Set regular working hours: Whether you work from home or in an office, set regular working hours to avoid burning out. 
  • Unplug after work: Switch your work computer off and stop notifications; you deserve uninterrupted “me time”. 
  • Learn to say no: Doing overtime and taking on additional work is okay at times, but you need to learn how to say no because it’s not mandatory. 
  • Take regular breaks: If your work involves a lot of sitting, it’s important to get up and stretch your legs.

Returning to work once the nest is empty can be challenging, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to get stuck into a new chapter of life. By following the tips outlined above, you can take a step in the right direction. Remember, employers will see your CV and online presence first, so make sure everything looks professional. 


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