Flaunt Your Style: Unique Bottoms for Fashion-Forward Women

unique bottoms

The right pair of outfits has the power to make or break your look. We often pair a number of tops with a pair or two of bottoms, thinking everyone will focus mainly on the tops, but that’s not the case. If you want to nail your style, you need to invest in multiple bottoms for women, each matching the fantastic collection of tops you have. 

For those tired of wearing the same old jeans with multiple tops, you need these stylish pair of bottoms for women that will transform your entire look. 

If you are more comfortable with pants, let us show you the best pants that you can shop online. 

  1. Formal pants: Having a couple of pairs of formal pants is absolutely necessary for an office-going woman because you can’t wear jeans to work all the time, right? I bought the cream high-waisted pants, which gave me the comfort that no other bottoms could provide. When paired with an animal-printed top, these ankle-length pants were just the right look I’ve been looking for. 
  1. Corduroy pants: Who said corduroy is out of fashion? With all the yesteryear fashion making a comeback, corduroy too has made a fashionable comeback that you can’t ignore. I bought a couple of corduroy pants in nude shades such as cream, beige and brown, and now they match almost all of the tops I own.
  1. Bell bottom jeans: Your skinny jeans can be given a quick twist by trying out these bell-bottom jeans, which make the best and most comfortable bottoms for women. A fitted blouse is the best top wear to be paired with these fitted jeans, which flare out from below your knees. 
  1. Cargo pants: Cargos are the most comfortable bottoms for women, giving you a breather from the regular formal pants you wear to work. You can even fold the hemline to make it ankle-length for a chic look, and cinch your waist with a statement belt for an hourglass silhouette. 

These bottoms for women are worth buying, and ever since I’ve invested in a handful of them, such as pants and leggings, I have been able to make a stylish statement every time I step out.


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