5 Styling Ideas For Floral Design Sarees

Styling Ideas For Floral Design Sarees

Since the beginning of fashion, sarees remain an evergreen part of every woman’s wardrobe. When in doubt about what to wear, simply wear a saree and you’re sorted out for the day. From formal to casual to traditional, sarees suit every occasion. Sarees are such a versatile clothing option that no woman can ever get enough of them. 

There are different types of sarees available such as Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, silk, modal silk, organza, cotton and even linen, but nothing beats the charm that floral sarees carry. Floral-printed sarees have always been a part of yesteryear fashion, including the cinema. But today, famed Indian designer Sabyasachi has brought a complete transformation to this trend with revamped designs. Even Bollywood celebrities are rocking these floral-printed sarees with elegance.

If you want to know how to style floral sarees, learn from your favourite celebs by stalking them on Instagram.

But if you’re still questioning why you must have floral sarees in your wardrobe, we tell you why.

  • You can add some twist: You don’t have to wear a floral saree as it is. Just because the saree is filled with floral prints all over it, doesn’t mean you can’t add to it. If you wish to amp up your ethnic look even more, you can add a zari border to the saree. A shimmery zari border on your floral saree will make you stand out from the crowd because it will bring richness to your otherwise simple look.
  • You can mix and match: If you are experimental by nature, you will surely want to experiment with your ethnic look. Instead of wearing the matching blouse that tags along with your floral saree, you can swap it for an overall embroidered blouse. From flattering necklines to vivid sleeve patterns to different back designs, there is nothing that you can’t experiment with for a whole new look.
  • Go bold with accessories: You can stand out wearing a floral saree by accessorising your look right. Jhumkas are like a staple accessory for sarees but you can ditch those long necklaces for chic choker neckpieces. Bracelets and anklets are more ways to accessorise your look. You can even opt for a floral headpiece to accessorise your hairdo.
  • Get your makeup right: If your floral saree is simple, you can stick to bold makeup such as smokey eyes and bold lips, but if your floral saree is embellished all over, you can opt for a simple makeup look such as either highlighting your eyes or lips to maintain the balance of your ethnic look.
  • Go for pastel shades: Nothing soothes the eyes more than pastel colours, which is why a pastel floral saree on a bright sunny day will set the tone of your overall look right. From pastel pink to baby blue to light yellow and lilac, buy floral sarees in pastel colours and we bet your Instagram will brighten up when you pose wearing them against a bright outdoor background.

Give your ethnic look a chic and classic twist in a floral saree and make every walk your ramp walk.


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