7 Outfit Ideas To Match With Boots Suggested By Indian Fashion Bloggers

Outfits with Boots ideas

Boots are really outstanding footwear that creates a fashion statement with every attire you pair them with. Whether you are wearing high heeled boots or flat ones with a long length that reaches your knees, once you wear these footwear, comfort, and style is guaranteed. However, do you know how to match these boots for women with the best attires? If not, then we are sure these tips from top Indian fashion bloggers are going to be very useful to you when you decide to adorn those boots of yours.

  • Boots with mini skirts — Boots and short length dresses have come far away from the retro styles. Almost all of you have adorned this style with your boots. Yes, these are classic combinations that have been flaunted by most of the top Indian fashion bloggers. Boots for women that reach to the knees and are high heeled look extremely cool with denim miniskirts. Of course, the best colour with this attire would be a black one, but it’s your choice if you like to play a sexy stylish girl wearing bright coloured boots with your mini skirts. 
  • Boots with jeans — Jeans and crop tops fit in just perfectly well with any type of shoes. Remember the cowboy fashion from Texas? Well, the boots with jeans remind you of exactly that era! Obviously, this doesn’t mean that the style is old in anyways. In fact, it is much in trend with torn jeans, light coloured crop tops and high boots! 
  • Boots with trousers — Boots with jeans were alright! But what if you want a pretty semi-formal or formal look wearing your boots? Well, then the fashion bloggers suggest you to try these boots with your trousers. You can pick any neutral coloured trousers and match them with brown boots that just reach your ankles. The result is pretty much a stylish persona in a very formal way.  
  • Boots with long skirts or dresses —  If you are not comfortable wearing short skirts with boots, then you can obviously try this footwear with your long skirts or dresses. Even maxi dresses look pretty cool with short length boots that reach your ankles. In this style, the colour combination can be as you like. Mostly, contrasting the colour of your boots with the shades of your dresses suit perfectly fine.
  • Boots with palazzo and Kurtis — We Indians just love mixing western culture in almost all of the things. Whether it is trying the desi Chinese or pairing your kurti and palazzo set with boots. Yes, this is an extremely admirable fashion style that would be a total hit for your semi-casual occasions. But remember, in this style, your boots should not exceed your ankle length.
  • Boots with shorts — We are sure you would have seen a lot of fashion bloggers flaunting boots for women with shorts. Yes, these look perfectly fine especially if you are out for a day picnic or a casual event. The type of boot and heels can be as versatile as you like in this style.
  • Boots with long coats — Remember those movies where you see women adorning long coats, jeans and high boots amidst the snow? Yes,  that is the eternal way to style your boots in the most outstanding style that never goes out of fashion.


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