5 Amazing Different Types Of Draping Saree For Any Occasion

different types of draping saree

When we say sarees, we mean the most versatile yet traditional Indian attire that is loved by everyone around the globe. Well, while saree is so much beloved and preferred by women, it is not necessary that every female cladding it is an expert in wearing it. While this attire makes you look  lavish and elegant, we can’t ignore the fact that draping it can be really very challenging job. And do you know there are different types of draping saree?

However, you need not be an South Indian to wear a South Indian style saree or a person from Benaras to drape a saree in that way. You can be in any part of the world and yet wear this attire in that style through some suggestions that you should follow in draping the saree in that particular way.

So, if you are looking for some easier tips and different types of draping saree in the next party, then you can keep reading below

Always coordinate the petticoat and the blouse with the saree –

The under cloth skirt that you wear with the saree is called a petticoat and the top inner part is known as the blouse. While you are wearing the sarees, it is important that you colour coordinate these two fundamental items with your saree do that you present it beautifully. Now, it is upon you to either match or contrast the shades or prints, but visually these should look connected. 

Don’t forget the saree fall –

A saree fall is around three inches wide cloth that you attach to the hem of your attire. It is essential because it gives the perfect fall, flow and flair to your sarees. Never forget to attach this fall to your saree if you want that perfectly graceful presentation of yourself in this traditional attire. 

The art of tucking –

The art of tucking the sarees the not easy, we agree. But you need to know that if you want to wear this dress perfectly, you’ll have to tuck it well. The sarees with uneven pallu and tucked base not just make you feel uncomfortable, but also look very untidy and weird. So, firstly, wear your petticoat around your waist. Next, start tucking the saree from the centre point evenly around the waist. Then, you have to take the even, equal pleats and tuck it neatly in the front side followed by draping the pallu on your shoulder. 

Take help from the pins –

Consider pins as your lifesavers when it comes to perfectly draping the saree. Even after wearing it in the right way, sarees can  sometimes come out loose and this can be very embarrassing situation. To avoid such mishaps, ensure that you are using safety pins and clasp in the saree at the  points like on the front side where you have the pleats, near your waist, and even on the shoulder.

The length of the pallu –

The length of the pallu plays an important role in different types of draping saree. If these are too short, you seem to look not very comfortable and incomplete in a saree. If it is too long, even then you don’t seem to wear it well and often drop the saree pallu very frequently. The exact length of the pallu over your shoulder should be just below your knee or before it for that perfectly draped traditional saree look. 


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