9 Ways Of How To Get Rid Of Sleepiness In Office

How To Get Rid Of Sleepiness In Office

The old Monday Blues. Strike every week, don’t they? There’s a joke that says ‘we get Mondays as a punishment for the things we do over the weekend.’ 

It is on these days that we wish we were born in Japan. Many employers in Japan do allow their employees to take naps on the job. This is known as “inemuri,” which translates to “sleeping on duty.” It is considered a sign of hard work and dedication. Naps are usually taken in a seated position, either at the desk or in a designated area. Some companies even provide special “nap rooms” for employees to use. In addition to being allowed to nap, many employers in Japan also provide blankets and pillows for their employees to use. 

However, while napping on the job may be accepted in Japan, it is not necessarily accepted in all countries. In India, for example, it is generally not acceptable for employers to allow their employees to sleep on the job. Here, it is seen as a sign of laziness and inefficiency. Each country has its own set of workplace rules and regulations, so it is important for employers to be aware of what is acceptable in their country before allowing their employees to nap on the job.

Feeling tired and drowsy at work is a common problem that can affect our productivity, mood, and quality of work. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, it’s important to know how to get rid of sleepiness in the office and increase your overall performance.

Here, let us discuss some ways to help you stay alert and productive in the workplace

Get Enough Sleep 

Getting enough sleep is crucial for a productive day in the office. The exact amount of sleep required varies by individual. For reference, a general rule of thumb is to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night at least. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try to develop healthy sleep habits. 

This could be

 – avoiding caffeine post evening

– avoiding  electronic devices before bed

– creating a comfortable sleep environment

Take Breaks

Taking regular breaks throughout the day is a great way to reduce fatigue and stay focused. Many employers offer short breaks for employees to take throughout the day. 15-minute breaks, tea breaks, smoke breaks and lunch breaks are some of them. During breaks, take a short walk, and stretch. Allow yourself to take a few moments to rest your eyes, clear your mind, and focus on the task at hand. 

Eat Healthy Foods 

Your diet has a direct correlation with your productivity. If you eat too much, you will feel sleepy at the office. If you eat too little, you will get distracted by the hunger pangs, Both situations affect your concentration. Eating healthy foods that provide your body with energy can help keep you awake and alert. Foods such as nuts, fruits, and whole grains are full of nutrients, and they fill you up quickly. They can give you the energy boost you need to stay focused. Avoid sugary snacks or processed foods. They provide an instant energy spike that can cause a crash later in the day. 

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Exercise Regularly 

Exercising regularly can help you stay alert and energized throughout the workday. Exercise increases the production of the feel-good hormones – endorphins. These hormones can reduce stress and improve your mood. Regular exercise can also help you sleep better at night. This in turn can improve your energy levels during the day. Hence getting rid of sleepiness at the office.

Drink Caffeinated Beverages 

Caffeinated beverages such as coffee or tea can help you get rid of sleepiness in the office. If you’re not a fan of coffee, there are plenty of other caffeinated beverages you can try. Just make sure to drink in moderation. Avoid drinking too much caffeine as it can lead to other health issues. Caffeine is beneficial upto a certain extent only. Over-dependence on caffeine can lead to headaches and irritability. 

Use Aromatherapy 

Using essential oils or diffusers can help to give you an energy boost and reduce fatigue. Aromatherapy can help to reduce stress and improve alertness, focus, and concentration. Some of the most popular scents that can help you stay alert are peppermint, rosemary, and lemon. At night, you can use essential oils like Chamomile and lavender. They improve your sleep quality and you will feel more refreshed in the office the next day. 

Take Power Naps 

If it is allowed in your office, a nap can go a long way. The concept of power naps has become popular these days. It has been proven scientifically that a power nap can deliver the benefits of a full night’s sleep. It enhances cognitive performance and quality of work. Taking a short nap during the day can help to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Power Naps should typically last for no more than 20 minutes and should be taken in a quiet, dark room. Naps can help to increase alertness and productivity, so try to squeeze one in during the day if you can. 

Follow the 20 20 20 rule 

If most of your work involves a computer, you may be familiar with the 20 20 20 rule. To prevent eye strain

Every 20 minutes

Look at something 20 feet away

For 20 seconds.

Don’t work on your bed

In the recent era, work-from-home culture has become popular. Pandemic restrictions are now being lifted. Yet, more and more companies are allowing hybrid work cultures. When you work from home, it can be more tempting to sleep off during work hours. Working from your bed sounds comforting. But it has 2 disadvantages.

First, your brain gets too comfortable to focus at work, and you feel sluggish. Second, it deteriorates the quality of sleep you will get at night. This is because your bed is no longer a stress-free environment.

A few other ways of getting rid of sleepiness during work-from-home are

  • Walk around during phone calls
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Keep a designated work area
  • Be on the move during virtual meetings 
  • Practice yoga and mindfulness
  • Reduce screen time during non-work hours. 

Getting rid of sleepiness in the office can be a challenge. With the right strategies, you can stay alert and productive during the day. Try to get enough sleep, take regular breaks, and eat healthy foods. This helps increase your energy levels. Additionally, drinking caffeinated beverages, using aromatherapy, and taking short naps can help you stay focused and productive. With a little bit of effort, you can get rid of sleepiness in the office. Also, you can improve your overall performance.


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