10 Proven Home Remedy For Knee Pain And Swelling

home remedy for knee pain and swelling

Proven home remedy for knee pain and swelling you need to know as it is becoming a huge problem in senior generation.

At one or the other point of time in life, we all seek remedies for knee pain. If you are living with your family, you have experienced the pain already with your grandparents or parents. And you know, the simplest remedies that we practice at home are icing, resting, and heating with a warm cloth. 

However, this blog covers in-depth and proven remedies for knee pain and swelling. I have tried to cover up all the remedies that are safe to perform on your own. Still, I recommend consulting with your physician. 

10 Natural home remedy for knee pain and swelling Options To Relieve Knee and Arthritis Problems

There are a variety of remedies for knee pain, and the best approach depends on the cause. If you believe that your knee is caused by an injury or arthritis, then seeking professional help is likely the best course of action.

Apply Red Sandalwood Doll 

Red Sandalwood Doll, (also known as RAKTA CHANDAN BAHULI), is crushed against the wooden flooring called Sahan with the help of water, to form a paste. Boil the thus-formed paste till it gets considerably hot. 

Apply this hot paste on your knee where it is swelled. Let the Red Sandalwood paste dry off and then rub it off. Repeat this 3 times a day. You will feel relieved in a couple of days. 

Red sandalwood has antiseptic and bactericidal properties which makes it capable to heal pain and swelling.

Heat Compressing Method 

Fill up the silicon or plastic bag with hot water. You can also try electric bags that get hot. Or warmed bricks wrapped in a cloth. 

Heating the affected part will give you instant relief from within. This thermal effect will relieve the tension in your tissues making you feel better. 

Cold Compressing with Ice 

As the heat relieves your tissues, so does the chillness. You know, ice is warm substance. It has heat. So, as we did with warm water, similarly, we can do with cold water. 

Take the ice bed, wrap it up in a bag and apply it to the respective area. Alternatively, you can take a bucket where you can soak your knee in cold water.

Apply the cold water or ice for around 15 minutes and you will feel a bit relieved immediately.  

Apply Mango Ginger Paste

Mango ginger has a long history of being used as a herbal medicine. It is believed to have natural medical benefits, including reducing inflammation and promoting better blood circulation.

It has a lot of anti-inflammatory qualities, making it a remedy to work for knee pain and swelling. 

You can either make the paste by adding water and alum to it. Apply the paste to the infected area and let it dry. Repeat the process for a couple of days more.

The other way is by making a herbal portion by adding coconut oil/olive oil or refined butter and giving it a good mix. Consume it for one week you will be able to see a considerable amount of recovery. 

Wrap Medicinal Herbs Around the knee 

You can choose the medicinal herbs of your choice and apply them to the infected area. Here, we have taken the example of onion and neem leaves. 

Chop the onion and neem leaves vertically and shallow-fry them in cooking oil. Empty the thus-fried stuff in a cotton bag. Apply this bag to the infected area.

Ingest Herbs in the form of Powder or Tea

There are numerous herbs and shrubs that make an effectual medicine altogether than the chemical tablets. 

Make a herbal tea of turmeric, neem, and black mustard dal. Take it thrice a day. You can also try making the powder of the same and intake it with honey.

Do Mild Exercise

You can try moderate exercises to relax the stress on your knee. Consider consulting your physician for exercises. 

Mild knee exercise is good. However, do not perform anything heavy or stressful that would worsen the situation. 

Apply Natural Ointment 

You might have heard about naturopathy already. Apply natural oils like sesame oil to name a one.

These natural oils are made with plant-based ingredients and essential oils that help to soothe and heal the skin. They can also provide temporary relief from pain and inflammation. Simply apply the ointment to the affected area several times per day, until your symptoms begin to improve. 

Massage You Knee Well

If you’re looking for a way to reduce inflammation and improve your joint health, a massage may be the perfect solution. A traditional Swedish massage is especially beneficial for reducing pain and improving circulation in the joints. 

Not only that but massages have been shown to help improve moods and relieve stress. In fact, one study found that people who received regular massages were 44% less likely to experience depression than those who didn’t receive any type of massage therapy.

So how often should you get a massage?

There’s no specific timeline for when you should start receiving massages regularly, as it depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, therapists usually recommend Massage your Knee Well at least once per month to maximize its benefits.

Resting your knee

The simplest and the best method that might cure your knee pain is resting your knee. If you have knee pain that doesn’t go away with rest, there may be another issue at play.

Bottom Line

Thus the remedies for knee pain and swelling. 

If you are experiencing swelling, the first thing to do is to reduce any movement that might be causing the expansion. This means avoiding bumping into stiff surfaces and limiting your activity to those areas where there is less risk of injury.

Treatment options vary depending on the severity of the condition, but generally involve rest and/or medication to reduce inflammation and pain relief medications or physiotherapy to help restore muscle function and mobility.

Do comment below if you know of any other natural home remedy for knee pain and swelling. 

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