10 Amazing Fun Party Games For Couples

fun party games for couples

Fun Party Games For Couples that every couple must try. Couples’ night out doesn’t have to be all work and no play. In fact, there are lots of fun party games you can play together that will make the experience even more enjoyable. 

There are a lot of fun couple games out there that can be enjoyed by both partners. Couples can have a lot of fun by playing some of the following easy-to-play party games. 

Have the Most Fun with these fun party games for couples

Some are more suited for small groups, while others can be played with larger groups as well. Here are some of our favourites:  

1. Steal the kisses 

Let’s begin the list with the fun romantic game. Stealing the kisses, as the game goes, is actually stealing the kiss from your partner. 

One person starts by kissing their partner on the cheek, then moves down to the lips. The following person begins kissing from that spot around the circle. Whoever’s lips reach their partner’s original starting point first wins!

 2. Blindfolded race to hidden treasure 

 This game is exciting and fun. If you are having ample space and room to play around, try this game.

 Players take turns walking around a room blindfolded while holding a token or object (like socks or underwear). 

 When they get close enough to each other, they must swap objects with their partner without being seen by anyone else in the room. 

If someone is caught stealing an item from another player, that player gets eliminated from the game, which means no more treasure for them!

3. 20 questions 

 We all love chit-chatting with our partners. However, interrogating them to understand them keenly is something that we crave. To all the couples, who would want their partners to know even more, even deeper, this game’s for you. It is fun-filled and bond-building.

Each couple picks one member of the group to be ‘it’ (or interrogator), and asks 20 questions without giving away who asked them. 

The aim is to trap your unlucky teammate as long as possible; when they finally guess who it is, everyone bursts into applause and celebrates their victory! 

4. Memory matching game 

Set up several cards with pictures of different items on them (e.g., flowers, food items) in a row across a tablecloth or boardroom wall. Players try to match pairs together based on what was seen at either spouse’s birthday dinner last week . . .. you get the idea!).

5. Charades

The game is about guessing the phrase while your partner or other team is acting. This game is perfect for couples who claim they know each other very well. Try it out for yourself and check if you really know your partner well. 

One of our favourites because it’s so versatile – you can use any word related to love in this exciting guessing game. 

For example, if someone wants to act out “Handsome,” they might hold their hands up high when playing charades. The one who guesses accurately within less time wins the game.  

6. Pictionary

And which couple doesn’t like to quarrel in a fun manner? Although, sometimes it becomes a serious quarrel, love strengthens in such games. Try this game out with your partner and you will love how you are getting comfortable around each other. 

Perhaps one of the most well-known couple games around (due in part to its popularity on TV), Pictionary offers an awesome opportunity for playful insults and hilarious tantrums.

You get your partner to draw some sketches, you guess what your partner is trying to convey. At times, you will wonder how your partner is more mischievous than you thought. 

7. Password Game 

One of the most popular party games ever invented is also one of the easiest: your partner won’t tell you their password easily. Just ask them one-word clue. And guess what their password would be. 

Remember, it should be just a one-word clue and not an entire sentence. Only one word throughout the game. If you guess the password right, you know what you win!

8. Mirror Game 

This is an easy but addictive game that requires no preparation other than setting up some mirrors in different parts of the room. One partner stands in front of one mirror, while the other partner stands behind the opposite side of the mirror. 

They must try to guess what each other is doing without saying anything aloud! If they’re correct, they win; if not, their teammate gets to do it the next turn!  

9. Hangman 

Another classic favourite for many couples everywhere, hangman is always a hit when played together cooperatively (or competitively!). 

Teams compete by guessing letters until someone correctly spells a word or phrase–and then everyone on a team takes another turn trying to do the same thing again. Whoever succeeds first wins! 

10. Truth or Dare

Never out of the trend game. This fun game is really fun and evergreen game in any mood. Well, you know how to play!

This is a classic game that is perfect for any party. Everyone gets together and decides who will be the “Dare” person. The Dare player then has to do something embarrassing (like kissing someone in public), but they get to choose one other teammate to help them out.

If they refuse or cannot do it, then the next person dares them and so on until someone agrees to take the dare or everyone stuck with a dare gag ends up doing it! 

Alternatively, you can also play “I never ever have had” with your partner. The game is equally fun and you will get to know your partner well. 

Bottom Line

There are a number of fun party games for couples that you and your partner can play together to enjoy some quality time. Some of the more popular games include card games, board games, and puzzle games.

Do you have any other fun party games for couples in mind? Do comment below.

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