How to Style Your Rings for Every Outing

Style Your Rings

Let’s be honest: all fashion lovers will completely agree with us if we say that an outfit is incomplete without adding some accessories or eye-catching jewels. And above all, wearing well-placed rings can take your fashion statement a notch higher. You can get a perfect nail selfie, too, with the stylish rings placed rightly on your fingers.  

But is mastering the art of styling the rings that easy? Not at all. There are innumerable ways to show your personality, attire, and accessories. It could be mixing metals, adding pops of color, and whatnot. 

Here we will specifically talk about the ways to style your rings for every outing. 

Before moving further, it is important to know some ways to style multiple rings. Let’s dive in. 

Complementing rings

The choice of the ring depends upon your outfit. For instance – If you are wearing a suit, go for the gold band. On the other hand, if you have decided to wear jeans and a t-shirt, wearing an enamel ring would be a good choice. Brass, Hawaiian rings, and copper rings go well with casual attire. What’s more? If you dress yourself in pearl earrings and an asymmetric gown, wear a platinum ring to amp up your outfit. Silver rings can spruce up almost every attire. So, don’t forget to complement your attire with rings. 

The number of rings you should wear

Many people like to wear two rings on average on the one hand. But there is no limit to it. It varies from person to person. Trends are ever-changing, and the possibilities to style up the rings expand beyond the traditional bands. Whatever the case is, wear the rings with confidence. Because you never know when someone may come and ask you about the rings as a conversation starter. 

Additionally, keep your skin tone in mind while matching the accessories. Warm skin tones work well with gold, and cooler skin tones work wonders with silver accessories. 

Let’s find out how you can style yourself with the rings for every outing. 

Beach day –

Who can go without having fun at the beach in summer days? You cannot deny the importance of beach days in the summer. But what about the accessories? Adding accessories to yourself to enjoy the beach day is like icing on the cake. Beach day is the perfect opportunity to make yourself ready with the jewelry. Experiment with the shapes, colors, and different stones to get the beach vibes.

Gold-filled, solid gold or sterling silver jewelry is considered a bit more ideal for handling water. If you want to wear plated jewelry, be careful with it, as it can wear off. Avoid wearing brass rings in water. All in all, wear something “not-so-chunky” to enjoy your day in the waters. 

Formal event –

Dressing yourself for formal events comes with excitement. But you have to keep many things in your mind for the same. Any formal occasion looks amazing with the attention-grabbing accessory but not exactly well with the bracelets. 

You can choose to wear a statement ring for a formal event. A halo ring with a center stone in a bezel setting is considered suitable for such events. Don’t want to wear rings? You need not worry. Wearing a delicate band will do the needful as bands are practical and versatile. You could also choose to wear the rings with smaller gemstones. 

Gala event and cocktail party –

Everyone wants to be the center of attraction in gala events or parties. And achieving the perfect look with the outfit and accessories at their place is not easy. So, what should you do? When it comes to a ring, wear a cocktail ring at such events. If you are going to a wedding, wear a tucked-in silk sleeveless blouse and beige stilettos. Give the finishing touch to the look with a cocktail ring and your favorite clutch. 

What about a gala event? Wear an elegant outfit like a floor-length red dress. Slay the day by adding a remarkable diamond or a ruby cocktail ring. Leaving your hair down will completely steal the show. Trust us, the people around you won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Besides, take care of your rings, as being careless can steal their charm. Don’t overexpose them to intense light; otherwise, the stone can lose its color. Clean your ring at least once a month. 

To make a long story short.

Believe it or not, dressing exclusively and creating a style statement requires effort. You have to select the perfect outfit, matching accessories, a good hairstyle, and whatnot. And choosing a ring is no different. Once you understand the significance of a ring, you will develop a beautiful relationship with it. Your ring could be your best friend. Shower some love to it, and you will surely feel different. Consider your comfort and occasion to wear the rings accordingly. At last, it could not be more right to say that your jewelry and accessories speak for your personality. So, ensure to wear the best ones complementing your personality. 


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