Unwind This Festive Season With Trending Ethnic Footwear

mens sandals

The festival season is an occasion to showcase your unique style and turn some heads around. It is just another opportunity to dress well and look your best. Men’s ethnic wear or outfit options are under-explored and underrated as they do not call for attention as much as they should.

Every festive season you would find men opting for similar outfit options and styles because it’s only natural for them to go for plain styles. But to dress smartly, they can simply swap their bare mens sandals with the following options. A good footwear option not only builds the character of the look but also adds charm to it.

So here is a list of mens sandals you should consider for all your festival looks: 


Mules are known to be handcrafted loafer sandals made with excellent craftsmanship and designs by local artisans. These mens sandals are believed to be the perfect choice for fancy traditional outfits. In addition, it is known to be the top footwear option by wedding stylists as they look particularly good with your bedazzling sherwanis and kurtas. 

Kolhapuri chappals:

This traditional footwear is rooted in the state of Maharashtra over a century ago; even today, they still are a trendy footwear option among people from every age group. It is a perfect fit for your casual, traditional look as it provides the needed comfort and blends well with the look. There is a wide variety in the market as this style is adapted and artistically created by many footwear brands. You will find the traditional Kolhapuris in tanned leather, but the contemporary sandal comes in various materials. 

Pathani Sandals:

The Pathani sandals are great for your basic kurta pajama combo. These mens sandals have a rugged look and are known to be the best footwear choice for smart casuals. These are trendy because they are commonly available and considered to be one of the more sturdy footwear options. Many brands try to work with variations in these pathani sandals. 


These traditional Indian mens sandals come in various styles, colors, and materials, making them the fashionable and trendy footwear that men should try. These mens sandals are certainly well crafted to make them the perfect pair for your ethnic looks. The minimalistic work on the jutis gives them a stunning yet complex look. Many people love them as they are easy to wear and very comfortable. These sandals were initially made of animal leather, but many companies use faux leather these days, making a wiser footwear choice.

Flat Cross Strap Sandals:

The cross strap sandals look chic with any outfit and are well-made. They are commonly worn as everyday footwear, but you can opt for a fancier version of the sandals for your ethnic looks, as they will beautifully compliment the whole outfit. So whether you wear a kurta pajama or a dhoti shirt, these cross-strap sandals elevate your look. You will find them in tan shades and darker shades of black and blue. 


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