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Finding unique home decor online items is not that easy I mean yes you can get some duplicate designs or some Chinese websites selling for way too cheap but it is still tough to get that premium look without compromising quality or budget. So here I am introducing a totally fab website to you guys owned by Ekta Kapoor.

So basically I bought some unique home decor online items from it and just love the quality-


The one I ordered is made of ceramic and handcrafted so when products are handmade, I don’t have a problem paying more because I want to promote that it literally increases employment. Plus ceramic is definitely a healthier choice over others.


Next, I ordered a bowl of ceramic and it’s such a well-crafted spacious bowl to eat any handful meal like a salad or khichdi, even for soup. You can also buy ceramic serveware, they have a huge collection of it.


This hand block straight fit kurta was my choice because of the colours although in the description it was written colour can bleed while washing still I think it’s a good choice to buy hand-painted clothes, believe me, they are not only unique in designs but also looks surreal when you wear them, unlike synthetic prints.

My favourite pick out of their huge Ethnic Kurta collection was the best but you can explore more on their website.


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