Moms In Rush? We’ve got An Ultimate List Of 8 Fabulous & Fast Beauty Tips For Busy Mommies!

beauty tips for busy moms

Be it touching up your face with a concealer or using your favourite lipstick, check out quick beauty tips for busy moms.

Let’s face the real truth: If a woman is going to be a new mom or is already one, society adds extra pressure to keep her little one before herself. Though we agree being a mom is itself a huge responsibility, you might have less time to keep yourself maintained.

But wait, we’ll not let you fall into the ‘patriarchal’ trap. Just when the thought of killing your self-love time floods your brain, make sure to remind yourself that you are an individual too before a mom. It is not wrong to give yourself that extra edge and feel good about yourself at all.

And because you will have time crunches for long makeup processes, our fabulously fast makeup tips will come easy for you. Be it touching up your face with a concealer or painting your lips with your favourite shade of lipstick, we have amazing & quick tips handy for busy moms to try, look presentable, and be confident. 

8 quick beauty tips for busy moms-

In today’s time, it’s no doubt trying some beauty tips instantly levels up your look and affects your whole day positively. No matter how busy a mom you be, we’ll always hoot for you to take care of yourself and look beautiful. To slay like a real beauty queen in a limited time, keep reading for some quick beauty tips for busy moms like you. 

Use Multi-Purpose Products

Multi-purpose products are important and fun at the same time for busy moms. They not only save your time but your efforts and money too. Multi-purpose products are the best options, especially for moms who’re constantly juggling multiple things. For example, you can use a moisturiser with SPF to avoid using two products separately. Another option is you can use a lip and cheek tint in place of lipstick and apply it on your cheeks and eyelids too. Isn’t it interesting!?

Try Skipping The Foundation

Though the foundation is an important and fab makeup product, it’s not really necessary every time. BB and CC creams come into the picture and help you achieve a healthy glow and even-toned overall skin. Not only this, but these creams also provide a decent amount of coverage to your skin and help you save time too!

Concealers On The Go

Concealers are a great way to blur imperfections on the face and cover your tired eyes. Many women only apply concealer, paint their lips, spray some perfume and hit outside. Yes, a concealer is an amazing makeup product which blends into your skin magically.

Opt For A Multi-Purpose Eyeshadow Palette

The best and most ideal eyeshadow palette is the one that contains solid and shimmer shades. This will easily reduce the need of carrying two separate eyeshadow palettes. Be it wearing the best outfit, brightly colouring your lips, or adding that shine to your face, it’s all incomplete if you don’t have fascinating eye makeup. And because we respect your time, we suggest you go for multi-purpose eyeshadow palettes.

Always Clean Your Face Before Makeup Application

A clean face is that skincare tip one should swear by. It not only amps up your skincare regimen but also gives a clean and smooth canvas for perfect makeup. First, you can take some rose water on cotton and wipe off your face to get rid of dust and oil. Then wash your face with a mild cleanser followed by a moisturiser and the rest of your makeup. 

Use Coconut Oil For Makeup Removal

Coconut oil is the favourite makeup remover for many women. It’s so smooth and easy to use and helps in removing makeup from the face. All you need to do is to take some of it on your palms and rub the two for warming it up. Clean your face using it and you’ll be amazed to see the quick results. It prevents a harsh cloth rub against your face and saves your time too.

Try Using Dry Shampoo 

Dry shampoo is one of the best ways to add that instant voluminous effect to your hair. It’s perfect for busy moms who missed washing their hair the night before. Dry shampoo not only saves your time but also makes your hair look beautiful and smell nice. It’s just the best for occasional chances!

Keep Your Makeup Kit Handy

You may not always have the time to complete your makeup on the go. Then makeup kits come into the picture as a rescue. Keep all your makeup and skincare essentials into that makeup bag of yours and get going like a pro. By doing this, you’ll have the confidence to correct your makeup or take care of your skin anywhere and everywhere.

Busy is not just a word but an excuse to avoid taking some time out for yourself. There’s always a solution to every problem and we wanted to help all busy moms look amazing even in less time.

So here are quick beauty tips for busy moms. Hope we’ve motivated you enough to shine like a star and look gorgeous every time without any regrets. 


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