Five Must Have Anklets In Your Wardrobe

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An anklet is a great tradition to be worn around the foot by women; it’s an accessory used in women’s fashion a lot, even in western but in India, it holds some mythical and scientific importance. 

Silver anklet brings good fortune and positivity as our legs radiate a lot of energy, so silver tends to resend the positive ones inside the body and emit the negative ones out.

Previously women used to wear a lot of heavy Payal, but now, with more of a minimalist style, girls tend to love simplistic designs, but the good part is tradition is still being counted.

Here I am going to share my five favourite anklet designs and how you can style them with outfits-

Copper Anklet

These are pretty magnanimous in design and will be great on heavy outfits like saree, lehenga or even embroidery suits. Moreover, you can accessorize them well for any wedding function or gathering with proper kajal and makeup.

Starry Leaf Anklet

This is a very quirky design and honestly can be paired with Indo western clothes and even proper western styles like dresses, crop tops etc. Also, you can wear anklets on hand, so they are multi-functional.

When you use an anklet as a bracelet, you can use it on different styles of dresses. So by doing this, you are also reusing your jewellery in the best way.

Simplistic Anklet

This design is very simple and primarily for women who don’t like jewellery and only like to wear minimalistic ones. This is a great design and can be worn on all outfits because although it’s simple, it gives a good look in terms of anklet.

Also on days when you don’t like to wear too much makeup or extremely shiny outfits, it’s perfect to have this simply designed jewellery.

Double Anklet Design

This design is very unique and perfect for western outfits. Also, it’s a perfect accessory to either use as a maang tikka or as a bracelet. You can always wear it in suits or jeans; the look is unique in its way. 

Queen’s Anklet

This design is my personal favourite because I can actually wear it on any dress and especially on simple outfits because this queen piece will amp up the overall look of the outfit.

Charm anklets are a lot in trend these days; previously, they were not much of a concept like heavy Payal or minimal one thread design.


There is a variety of collections for anklets, but the main thing is more than a trend what suits your outfit and also mood, actually many people don’t discuss this, but our outfit and accessory should reflect our mood, so like on days when you are shiny and enthusiastic, you can wear something more on the heavy side and on a bit low days, you can go for minimal designs.

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