Beauty Hacks That You Definitely Should Know, Ladies!

Beauty hacks you need to know

If you have an inner diva, channel her by applying the best makeup. You don’t need tons of makeup products to look beautiful. While beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you can add a little cherry on the cake by highlighting your best features with Sugar makeup products. Sugar cosmetics are enriched with natural minerals, which means even if you have your makeup on all day, it won’t harm your skin in any way. 

Buying a Sugar foundation stick makes your process of applying makeup so easy. From primer to get the perfect makeup base to waterproof matte lipstick, so you nail the perfect pout to cute corrector sticks that are pros in hiding your dark spots and blemishes, you can get all your makeup-related products under one roof. 

Investing in Sugar cosmetics is a sure-shot way of getting that electrifying beauty, which will definitely turn you into a head-turner. Rock the best makeup look that guarantees to stay for hours with high-quality makeup products from Sugar. 

You don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to do your makeup. However, you also don’t have to rush through the process of applying makeup and getting a cakey look.

Save yourself from the horrors of bad makeup with fantastic makeup hacks that we have in store for you-

  1. Turn kohl into liner: On days when you suddenly run out of eyeliner, turn your kohl pencil into a makeshift liner. Slightly heat the tip of the kohl pencil and get your eyeliner ready in seconds. With the intense smudge quality, we bet you can get those wings right this time.
  2. Remove glitter nail polish easily: If you struggle to get the glitter nail polish off, this trick is for you. Simply skip the base coat and use glue instead. Apply your favourite glitter nail polish once the glue dries. When you want to remove it, simply peel it off.
  3. Make your eyes look wider: Let your eyes do the talking by getting an illusion of bigger eyes with this mascara hack. Sweep your mascara towards your nose instead of upwards, which will make your lashes look fuller.
  4. Proper perfume application: The trick to getting long-lasting perfume is applying it on your pulse points such as wrists, side of your neck, inside the elbow, behind your knees, base of the throat and behind the ears.
  5. Get more liquid makeup: Don’t throw away that makeup time just because you can’t squeeze out any more product. Get thrifty by cutting open the tube and scooping out the residuals, which is just enough to get you glammed up for a few days.
  6. Intensify any eyeshadow: If you really want your eyeshadow to pop, apply white eyeliner all over your eyelid, followed by your favourite eyeshadow.
  7. Get perfect wings with a spoon: A spoon is all you need to perfect those wings. Start your eyeliner as you would for a cat eye, press the round part of the spoon against your eyelid in a slightly upward direction and move it outwards to get the perfect wing.Follow these makeup hacks for a pro makeup look, and you can thank us later.


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