5 Creative Ideas To Make An Unforgettable Video Wedding Invitation

5 Creative Ideas To Make An Unforgettable Video Wedding Invitation

Why would anyone compromise on any aspect related to their wedding? This even entails wedding invitations. When you are planning your wedding, it is the invitation that you start with as the very first step.

A wedding invitation not only reflects the style of a wedding but even paves the way for a certain foreshadow of how a wedding celebration should actually be. Are you planning on a destination  wedding or something else?

Create wedding invitations in such a way that they reflect the theme of your wedding and make the guests feel like they are an integral part of the celebration. When creating wedding invitations, simple is not always boring.

Of course, you must work on out-of-the-box wedding invitations but then do not exaggerate the thing to a length where it becomes simply indigestible to the guests. Check these video wedding invitation ideas and work on the one you think would be the perfect fit for your wedding theme:

1. Do It Yourself

Taking the creative way in making wedding invitations also involves putting together your wedding invitation all by yourself. You can show your hard work and your skills in each of the passing frames.

If you are thinking of designing your wedding invites all by yourself, it is evident and useful for you to use an invitation maker to help you with the editing. There are different varieties of free invitation-making tools available online. You can use any of them to create the most beautiful DIY invites.

Try different wedding video invitation-making tools first hand only to identify the one that strikes the right chord. Making wedding invites using these tools and without any professional help is trending these days.

There are more and more people looking to save time and money by creating their own wedding invites. And they are even grabbing success in this endeavour, all thanks to the ready-to-use templates available with these invitation makers.

Going for the right invitation video-making tool will help you eliminate the herculean activity of what and how you want your invites to appear to someone else. This will also be a fun exercise for you and your partner before your big day.

2. Include Candid Couple Videos and Photos

Before creating wedding invitations, take some time to sit and discuss with your partner on selecting candid video clips and images. Choose media that portray your true personality while resonating with you as a wedding couple.

This will help you in setting the tone of your wedding. You would not know, but everyone will be simply mesmerized to watch your fairytale unfolding right in front of their eyes.

This will surely be one of the greatest ways of narrating your story in your own words. Try inserting some of the most candid moments you might have shared as a couple while curating the invite using a top-quality wedding invitation maker.

You even have the option of giving voice-overs behind the moving videos. Use speaking shots in between, or you can even choose songs and quotations expressing your love and reflecting your feelings.

A pro tip here is to keep your wedding invitation video as crisp and as short as possible. Preferably, the video should be less than 1 minute in length. This is important because nobody likes going through lengthy videos.

3. Go for Monochrome Invites

If you are one of those couples who do not want to make that big deal over wedding invitations, going monochrome would be the right bet for you. Going with this idea will help you in creating a simple but interesting and beautiful invitation.

You can go with almost any colour of your choice. Next, use a clip maker for creating beautiful videos in monochrome. Do not forget to share all relevant details of the wedding to make the invitation appear contemporary and more attractive.

Factor in all important information like time, location, and date. After all, you would definitely not like any of the guests getting to the wedding venue at the wrong time or wrong date.

Passing out information about your love story in the right way is probably one of the most important elements ensuring that your invites will be a real success. If possible, stick to the traditional mannerism of putting forth the wedding details, or you can even go for a quirkier and funnier manner.

4. Hobby-Themed Wedding Video Invitations

Not looking to depict your love affair in the most elaborate manner? This means you are not that kind of a couple that loves floating around in rich and heavy costumes. Still, you can have the best and the simplest wedding video invitation shot right in the comforts of your home.

A shot of the two of you enjoying your respective hobbies will surely make the invitees have an aww moment. And yes, do not forget to follow up this shot with a crisp, short and sweet description of why you would love having the invitee over for your wedding.

5. Go Traditional

No wedding video invitation idea works as successfully as the idea of going traditional. After all, weddings are all about cultures and traditions, isn’t it? Traditional weddings speak of a different kind of charm where the entire family is involved.

You can capitalize on this by including the rituals and customs in your wedding video invite. This way, the guests will get a clear sneak peek into what they can expect on the big day.

You even have the option of choosing and using existing stock footage of traditional weddings in your video invite. There are tons of such invites available online.


It is always very important to invite well-wishers and guests to a wedding. That’s because a wedding is a thing of joy. It renders joy, not just to the couple but even to the people present. 

If you are environmentally conscious and like taking the paperless track, make sure you design the best wedding invitation video. Your video invite should recreate the magic of conventional wedding invitations.


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