9 Starter Makeup Kits For Beginners That Can Blow Your Makeup Look

makeup starter kits

Everyone adores the sensation of getting their first beauty kit. We understand that this is a significant investment of both time and money, so before you start filling your shopping carts, let’s go over the necessities. To get started with makeup, you’ll need the following products! 

Eye Primer

For reducing pores, preventing creases around the eyes, and assisting in the retention of makeup, you will need an eye primer that can fix them all. 

Foundation & Concealer Palette

You would want to get a palette that has a variety of colour colours. At least three matte brown tones, one for the light complexion, one for medium skin, and one for dark skin, are required for contouring. You can opt for either powdered or cream foundation and concealer palettes based on your preferences.

Eyeshadow Kit

Eyeshadow is a must-have for everyone! A primarily matte colour palette with a majority of neutral colours, a few brighter shades, and a couple of shimmers will go perfect in your mini eyeshadow kit. 


Eyeliner is made up of 90% sultriness, 10% glam, and 100% vitality. It can also simply transition to any makeup look from tonight. You can use pencil eyeliner instead of a liquid eyeliner; it’s less fiddly and ideal for novices. All you will need to do is to begin by putting the colour in the middle of the eye and delicately dotting the pencil into the lash, working your way out to the edges. Connecting the dots is a simple approach to provide a more natural appearance.

Lipstick Palette

Choose a palette that includes a lot of pinks, corals, nudes, and reds. It’s better to use a combination of matte and sheer hues. A palette also makes it simple to combine numerous different hues to create the exact tone for your client. Consider depotting into a Vueset palette if you prefer a certain brand of lipstick that doesn’t come in a palette.

Brow Kit

With a brow gel or powder shadow, you can begin filling your brows. However, if you’ve tried out beauty experts’ bold-brow treatments to wind up with brows that don’t look anything like theirs, the powder is a better option. To avoid applying too much product at once, use a coarser brush to apply the product and you’re all set to flaunt your brows. 

Nude & Bold Lipstick

Lipsticks, a must-have for an appealing pout, can transform an entire look with a single swipe. Every female should carry two lip colours in her purse: a perfect neutral and a splash of colour. For its forgiving character, we recommend sticking with a mix that includes more hydration. And to get the right splash of colour, choose a lip colour that is slightly darker than your natural lip undertone. Coral, cherry or pink can all be used as a burst of colour. 


Now it’s time to use mascara to extend those lashes. Even the most inexperienced makeup newbies won’t be able to mess up this look. The days of pumping the wand in the tube and applying triple applications to plump the eyelashes are over! Simply apply one to two coats of mascara with your freshly dipped mascara wand before finishing your makeup and you’re all set to flaunt your beautiful and voluminous eyelashes. Mascara thickens and lengthens the lashes for a put-together look daily, making it an indispensable makeup requirement for novices.

Makeup Sponge

While you can apply liquid highlighter with your fingers, not all cosmetics can be applied this way. A makeup sponge can help with this. This useful tool is the key to the flawless foundation that even tones the foundation base and makeup look flawless.


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