7 Signs You’re Emotionally Mature and Ready To Get Married

Readiness to get married comes with maturity and balanced emotions. All people who decide marriage is for them must reach a point of maturity where they understand how to create a lasting marriage.

These seven signs show couples when they are ready to get married

You Can Have Emotionally Challenging Conversations

When an individual can have emotionally challenging conversations with their significant other, this is a sign that they are emotionally mature enough to get married. In marriage, conflicts will happen, and the couple must have the ability to work through problems together.

They cannot storm off or continue to argue without arriving at a solution. This doesn’t mean both parties have to agree on everything, but they must be able to compromise and be present for each other. Couples who are emotionally mature enough for marriage could find the perfect Engagement Rings by reviewing the current inventory available. 

You View Alone Time As Healthy 

Couples that are glued to each other’s sides are less likely to stand on their own, and this could present issues. Every human being needs alone time to recharge and do things that make them happy. A person that sees alone time as a betrayal or a lack of caring isn’t emotionally mature enough for marriage, and they could be co-dependent. 

You Can Discuss Your Feelings Without Becoming Violent

Anger management is a vital part of a healthy marriage. This doesn’t mean that one or both parties won’t become angry. What this means is that both parties are capable of having mature and respectful conversations about their feelings without either party becoming violent or abusive. If a discussion about feelings or emotions enrages a person, they are not emotionally mature enough for marriage or any relationship.  

You Are Responsible for Your Own Happiness and Contentment

A common concept many individuals do not comprehend is that each person is a whole and complete human being on their own. It is their own responsibility to keep themselves content and happy in a marriage. It is not the job or responsibility of the other person to make them happy. Emotionally mature people understand happiness comes from within, and anything else is just complimentary to that happiness.  

Seek Ways to Grow Together

Emotionally mature couples seek ways to grow together and share new experiences. They do not seek out ways to hurt the other person or exclude them. In marriage, the couple’s intent is to grow old together. In their marriage, there will be challenges that offer growth opportunities. Those who see these challenges for what they are and become closer have lasting marriages.  

You Don’t Try to Isolate Your Partner from Others 

When a couple meets, they each have their own lives. This means they have their own circle of friends that are important. Individuals who try to isolate their partners from friends or family are abusive and are not emotionally mature enough for a marriage.  

You Don’t Fight or Argue About Petty or Irrelevant Concepts

It’s often said that couples should, “choose their battles.” This is adage is still relevant today. Many couples argue over petty and meaningless things that ultimately damage the relationship. When choosing to argue, emotionally mature people will only argue when the issue is important and relevant to maintaining the relationship.  

Marriage is a major step and a lifelong commitment. Before anyone gets married, it is critical to determine if they are truly ready for the commitment and the hard work that comes with it. By being emotionally mature, couples form lasting marriages and build a strong life together.  


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