Top Essential Oils helpful in treating anxiety and depression

Top Essential Oils helpful in treating anxiety and depression

Untalked and ignored diseases. Yes, you heard it right! Anxiety and depression are untalked, ignored diseases. Depression is a mood disorder, where a person feels sadness, loss and anger that interferes the daily activities.

Anxiety is a feeling of restlessness, fear, and uneasiness. It may lead to sweating, increased heart rate, tired. All these mixed feelings are hard to speak or hard to express about what a depressed or anxious person is feeling. Researchers have shown that certain essential oils help treat anxiety and depression. 

Essential oils are aromatic substances concentrated from plants using the distillation process. These oils can be extracted from different parts of the plant such as roots, flowers, and leaves. Essential oils are used to cope up with depression, anxiety and releases a sense of well being. This process is also known as aromatherapy.


Essential oils are infused with natural scents that activate the olfactory(nose) receptors which further send the signal to your brain cells which further affects the neighbour cells(called limbic system) that controls the behaviour, memory, emotions, and mood of a person.

There are a huge number of essential oils but there is a particular essence that is beneficial for mood lifting and restores positivity around the surroundings. Such as: 


Deyga accompanies you in your ups and downs and brings you one of the most cherry-picked lavender essential oil. You just have to add few drops in a diffuser and diffuse the sense of well-being. 


An energizing essential oil concentrated from 100% natural sweet oranges, has a powerful aroma that can instantly uplift your mood and health. This essential oil is also infused with a high amount of anti-oxidants which is a great property for the skin.


The lemongrass oil helps to alleviate anxiety and insomnia. Stimulates your brain cells to release a positive sense that helps to cope up with depression and anxiety. 

Don’t be afraid of being outspoken about depression and anxiety, breathe in positive, exhale all the negative thoughts because taking out time for yourself isn’t an offence.  Order now from the official website of Deyga Organics and bring home the natural mood lifter, the most suitable companion that will stay beside you all the time when you need to get uplift.


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