Exclusive Lane Website Review | Buy Handicrafts Online


Buy handicrafts online as we all know so much of online business is been boosted after the pandemic, and I am so excited to share my review on the exclusive lane website which offers a variety of beautiful handicraft pieces.

A little about why handicraft?

The first and the most important thing is that it is made of someone’s hands and not mass-produced by machines, we not only providing employment but also giving a huge boost to the art industry. 

The one who makes the product is with all pure love and that can be received only through a handicraft piece and not by a machine.

So when I came across to exclusive lane I just fell in love with their products and ordered some. 

First I have to applaud for the packaging, I was so stressed with the ceramic products that they might break but this doesn’t happen, they did an amazing job, I have to unpack many layers before I got my hands on the pieces.

Buy handicrafts online, and let’s now explore what I bought.

1. Bathroom Accessory Set In Ceramic

As we all have this regular accessory set in the bathroom so why not have something that goes with your walls too, I bought the red one, but they are available in different colours.

You can always refill the hand wash bottle. Isn’t that cool?

This is the best buy if you want to subtle show off to your friends/relatives who visit the home and bathroom.

2. Hanging Garden Magnetic Fridge Planter

You can use it in a lot of ways, basically, it has a magnet that holds it on the cupboard.

The website portrays a planter but you can use it to store pens, keys etc stuff too.

I think this is the best buy as per space optimization.

3. Meenakari White Swan

What’s better than the piece of the decor than swans. I love the design on it and how soothing they are plus gorgeous that will make even a small or messy place beautiful.

I had an amazing experience on the website and I encourage you all to go and buy the product. They have a variety of collections and designs, they keep bringing new patterns and amazing pieces.

You can even gift these amazing pieces to your well-wishers and to read more on what to gift check our article- unique gift ideas for everyone


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