Not a Fan of Your Love Handles? Try These 5 Solutions

love handles solutions

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Although the name sounds cute and cuddly, most people do not want love handles. Love handles are those annoying fatty areas on the sides of the hips. They often spill over the top of a person’s pants and make them look larger than they actually are. While notoriously difficult to get rid of, there are some steps individuals can take to lessen their appearance of love handles or even get rid of them entirely. 

What Causes Love Handles?

When someone gets tired of their embarrassing love handles, they often seek Coolsculpting Near Me. The main cause of developing love handles is fat retention. When a person has gained weight, this is one of the areas that will show excess fat, and it can often be difficult to remedy. 

It is important to note there are extenuating factors that may cause a person to be more prone to developing love handles. They include the following. 

  •       Hormonal issues with too much cortisol
  •       Older age
  •       Diets that are high in calories, sugar, and fat
  •       Metabolic conditions
  •       Insomnia

Love handles can make it difficult to wear certain styles of clothing and can make a person feel embarrassed about their appearance. Thankfully, there are some love handles solutions that can help immensely. 

5 Solutions for Love Handles

There are a few different things individuals can do to reduce their love handles over time. It takes a concerted effort and patience, but eliminating this excess flab is possible. Consider the following for getting rid of love handles effectively. 

  1. Improve Diet

Diet plays an important role in fat retention. Eating a healthy diet, without excess calories and fat, can help to reduce overall body fat. As a person reduces their weight, the love handles will gradually begin to disappear. 

  1. Stress Less

Some people do not realize the profound negative effects stress can have on their bodies. Not only does it affect their mental health, but stress can also cause increases in the amount of cortisol that is being released. Cortisol is a hormone that causes the body to hold on to fat around the midsection.

  1. Weight Train

Training with weights is an excellent way to improve overall physical strength and health. It can also be used to target specific areas of the body to reduce fat accumulations such as love handles. 

  1. Reduce the Use of Alcohol

Drinking excess alcohol can lead to excess fat deposits in the body. People who drink alcohol are more likely to develop fat deposits in the tummy area. 

  1. Cosmetic Procedures

Most people do not want to have surgery to correct their love handles, but there is an alternative. Treatments like Coolsculpting are targeted so they can treat love handle areas and destroy fat cells. 

It Takes Time to See Results

No matter which options a person may be considering above, it is important to note that it will take time to see results. There is no overnight quick fix. If exercise and diet changes are not enough, Coolsculpting treatments help. 


Love handles can be a source of embarrassment for many people. No one wants to have excess flab on the sides of their bodies. It is important a person addresses their diet and works to reduce their caloric, sugar, and fat intake. Exercise can target these areas and help to reduce fat. While getting rid of love handles may seem impossible, it is really a matter of patience. 


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