Crossfit Workout Exercises Which You Can Do At Home

Crossfit workout exercises which you can do at home

Cross-fit training is actually a form of high interval training. It is a stretch and conditioning workout, that makes the functional movements that are performed at a high-intensity level. These movements are basically the actions that you perform in your day-to-day life, like squatting, pulling, pushing, etc.

CrossFit is an effective workout by which you can lose weight, build strength in your body that brings agility and flexibility. Another reason for choosing CrossFit training is that you are able to lose weight fastly rather than working out in the gym.  I would say for this reason you can go for a CrossFit workout instead of doing a workout on your own. 

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Crossfit workout exercises rely on movements that are much similar to what we do in everyday life, and most of the movements also depend upon your body weight.  At first, you would be thinking that CrossFit requires a lot of weight lifting, calling out, and lots of reps. But trust me that you can do it easily at home. In this blog, I will provide you with a list of CrossFit exercises that you can easily do at home, but you have to work hard and stay motivated. 


Push-ups are beneficial for building up the upper strength of your body. They mainly work on the biceps, pectoral muscles, and on your shoulders as well. By engaging your abdominal muscles, push-ups can strengthen your lower back and core muscles too. Most people can do more than 300 push-ups per day, but normally 50 to 100 push-ups are sufficient for maintaining overall health if they are done in a proper way. If you are a beginner and want to start CrossFit exercise at home you can start from 20 push-ups, but increase this number gradually. 

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Burpee is actually a two-part workout, a short push-up that is followed by a leap in the air. If you do burpees in rows it would be very much tiring for you. But this workout is really beneficial if you want to develop strength and endurance by burning calories and also boost up your cardio fitness as well. 

If you want to do these burpees at home you just have to stand with your feet and shoulders width apart and put your arms by your sides. Get into the squat position, and put your hands on the floor. Move your leg forward to return back into the squat position. Now again get back into the starting position. Repeat the exercise again. 


There are immense benefits of squats, it’s an easy-to-go workout that you can do at home. Squats actually help to strengthen your core, reduce the risk of injuries, crushes calories, helps to strengthen the muscles of your lower body, reduce your belly fats and boost up your athletic ability and strength. 

The good thing about squats is that you can easily go anywhere at home, but all you need is a suitable place. In order to perform squats at home, you need to do the following steps.

1.Stand straight with your feet widen apart from each other

  1. Engage your core muscles
  2. Start lowering down your body like you are sitting in the chair
  3. Now straighten your legs so that your back lifts up.
  4. Now once again repeat this exercise
  5. Continue these movements, until you reach the specific number of squats. 

Cindy CrossFit workout 

Cindy is one of the best Crossfit workout exercises and is perfect for a full-body workout when you have a short period of time. It also combines cardio with muscle-building and makes you sweat a lot. It’s also one of the ideal CrossFit workouts which you can do easily at home. 

It’s basically the workout that comprises 5 pull-ups, 15 squats for like 20 minutes. As its name indicates, this workout is mainly for women only, but men can also do it.  


Performing pull-ups help you to strengthen your back muscles, strengthen your arms and shoulders, improve your grip, improve your overall physical health, improves strength and fitness, and that also improves your mental health as well. They certainly will also promote the growth of your muscles as well. Pull ups are also easy to do exercises that you can perform at home. 

How can I do pull-ups at home?

The question that may arise in your mind is how you can do pull-ups at home? So I would say that you can use your study door as an alternative to the bar. Open the door of your home and place the mat beneath it, afterwards place the towel on the top of the door, reach over the top of the door, and with a strong grip hold the door firmly. Now pull yourself up by pulling your elbow down towards the floor. Pass the edge of the door and repeat the process again.

The alternate way could be that you can also invest in some home pull-up bars that get fitted into your door frames easily. 

Can you do pull-ups every day?

If you are a beginner I would not recommend you to do pull-ups every day. You also need a rest and recovery time period in order to avoid stress on your joints as well as on your muscles. If you want to see the benefits of pull-ups you should perform them every two to three days. 

So if you want to get better results from the above-mentioned Crossfit workout exercises, keep your diet balanced and also stay hydrated. Good luck!! 



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