Boxing For Women- Wonderful Benefits & Home Exercises

Beginners Boxing Guide for Women

Women have used exercises to enhance beauty. However, things are changing now. Self- defence is now becoming one of the biggest people when it comes to the choice of exercise, thanks to awareness campaigns like the #Metoo movement.

Due to the rising cases of violence against women, everyone is pushing women to stand out and look for ways to defend themselves. This is one of the biggest reasons boxing is famous among women. Boxing is not just about punching the opponent, it is a full-body workout that helps to sculpture the body.

You will be able to lose weight, get rid of extra fats, and learn a basic skill that can help you ensure your safety. The best thing about boxing is that it doesn’t just limit the body movement or focus on one set of muscles. It helps you engage the whole body which strengthens each muscle and makes the body lean and strong.

Most women want to learn boxing and other combat-based games but the need of joining an institute and investing money makes it hard for them to start their boxing journey. To make it easier, you can start with simple exercises that you can perform at home. Once you feel that your body is adapting to the change, you can then join an institute for technical and skill-based training.

With the help of this article, we will explore some of the basic benefits of boxing for women. We will also talk about some simple warm-up exercises that you can perform at home. Eventually, we will also be listing down a few of the best exercises that will help you with at-home boxing training.

Benefits of Boxing for Women

Boxing is one of the best exercises for women because it helps in not only shaping up the body but it will also help you increase upper body strength. Where most people who do not work out face a delayed response, boxing helps in staying focused.

Some of the benefits that are linked with the boxing workout include:

It helps in syncing the body and mind.
Boxing is ideal for upper body strength.
It helps in decreasing the response time.
Boxing is very good for boosting creativity and strategy building.
It is very effective for losing weight and melting fat.
Boxing affects the lifestyle and improves healthy life choices.

Where to Start

Boxing has been around for more than a century. It was added to the Olympic sports list in the 7th century BC and it is still considered one of the finest combat sport to date. Although, older Greece boxers fought very differently and there were no safety touches.

Rules were far different and most people end up killing each other. On the contrary, there is a regulation that you need to follow, boxers have to focus on the weight and the opponent is selected according to the weight. Within combat sports, you will see two people with different techniques and you will see
them fight not based on their weight but based on their skill and strategy.

For boxing, you need to come up with a different strategy each time. Reading your opponent before you start working is one of the most important things that you can do. Most of the personal trainers will tell you to start with aerobics so that you can strengthen your body.

Your oxygen intake will help you work better and for longer hours and your endurance will help you work for long hours without getting tired. An easy approach to boxing is to start with a simple HIIT workout that will help you get into shape. You can use this strength training and combine it with technique as well as speed and you will be able to get a winning recipe for all kinds of boxing matches.

5 At-Home Exercises for Upper Body

Push Up

Push-up is a great strength-based training that will help you work on your shoulder, arms, chest, and upper body. The best thing is that you don’t need any extra space and you don’t have to invest time. This workout will only take 3 minutes and you can move to next.


Curls are good for arms since boxing is all about upper body strength and the generation of energy that needs to be transferred through the arms. Curls will help you strengthen your shoulders and arms so that you can master all kinds of punches.


Plank is good for tightening the core. Core helps in generating the emery that is transferred through arms and wrists for punching. With the help of plank, you will get into shape.

Speed Boxing

Speed boxing will help you practice the punching strength with p=full speed. It also helps you in developing a good attacking technique.


Shadowboxing will help you read the opponent and know when to pause. Apart from this, the punching bag is pretty heavy so you will be able to practice powerful punches.

5 At Homes Exercises for Lower Body

Rope Skipping

It will help you develop a rhythm in your body. With the help of skipping you will also, polish the footwork.


It is an easy yet most effective workout that you will be able to find. You do not need any supervision and this will help you improve strength, endurance, and footwork.

Side by Side

Side by side will help you control your body and balance at the same time. You just need to mark a barrow path and run from left side to right side according to the mark.

High Knee

For the high knee, you just need to run in a way that your knees reach the height of your waist. This is good for leg muscle flexibility.


It is a fun way to practice footwork. It will help you gain command over your body and you will be able to gain balance.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you can start your workout at home. This will help you test the water and when you go to the institute or a professional for formal training your body will be ready.

Most people complain that the professionals teach at a very fast pace and their body is not ready for so much workout. With the help of this at-home workout, your body will become flexible and your muscles
will be able to adapt to the ongoing speed. In short, this is a full-fledged workout that almost every boxer can use.


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