What to Look For In a Summer Motorcycle Jacket

What to Look For In a Summer Motorcycle Jacket

A summer motorcycle jacket is an investment in your life and your lifestyle.

Most people think that it is all about style or fashion but it has no purpose in real life. On the contrary, some people believe that in summers, wearing a motorcycle jacket becomes dangerous due to sweat and irritations. No matter what you believe, you cannot deny that a motorcycle jacket has its perks.

If you are facing an issue with the jacket, it is more or less related to your choice of fabric and the brand that you have chosen. For someone who is still trying to figure out the fabric and features that are ideal for a good summer motorcycle jacket, it is better to know about your requirements and what are a few of the things that you would like to have in a good motorcycle jacket. Some people rely on style, others are all about the jacket capacity whereas most people believe the fabric is the only thing that makes a good motorcycle jacket stand out from the rest.

For someone who is just a beginner and has no clue about the benefits of a good motorcycle jacket, we have listed down some important details. With the help of this article, you will not only be able to know in detail about various fabrics and the best fabric for summers. You will also be able to know why most people recommend that all the riders should wear motorcycle jackets while riding.

Benefits of Motorcycle Jacket

Buying a motorcycle jacket is considered an accessory and not a fundamental necessity. When a rider rides without a motorcycle jacket, he is trying to put his life and safety in jeopardy. Most people think that a motorcycle jacket is something that will help you stay warm and cozy in harsh winters. It is very important to know that a motorcycle jacket in all seasons is important. It is not just going to save you from extreme weather, it is also important because it provides an extra safety layer on the skin. Some of the main benefits of wearing a motorcycle jacket in summers include:

  • Motorcycle jacket helps in increasing the visibility at night time
  • A motorcycle jacket helps in reducing the severity of the accident
  • A motorcycle jacket helps in keeping you dry by absorbing the wear
  • The motorcycle jacket is good for increasing the carrying capacity via pockets
  • A motorcycle jacket helps in reducing irritation by covering the neck
  • Jackets also help in protecting from outside weather

Features To Look For In a Summer Motorcycle Jacket

For a good summer jacket, it is not all about the coverage. You need to focus on the fabric, capacity, as well as the way the jacket has been designed. Every single detail, even the thickness of the fabric is important. For the beginner who is still trying to figure out the features, we have listed down some of the best features that you must look for in a good summer jacket include:


For summers you don’t want to sweat too much. There are jackets with proper ventilation that will only allow in enough air. Ventilation doesn’t mean holes otherwise sand, rain, and other things will also enter the jacket. Ventilation just helps the air to pass through the jacket providing a cooling effect and helps you to avoid sweat.


The number of pockets or the capacity of the jacket is very important. Since the motorcycle has no storage capacity, it is very important to have a good motorcycle jacket. You can stuff as much stuff as you want. Some jackets come with a zipper pocket to help you carry your phone and keys along with documents. While looking for a good motorcycle jacket, pocket capacity is very important.

Inner Liner

A detachable Inner liner is very important for the jacket because this will help you wash your jacket easily. Apart from this, inner liners easily absorb extra sweat, keeping you dry. In most cases, if the inner liner doesn’t absorb the sweat, this can result in the form of itching and rash. This is the reason professionals look for jackets that have inner liners as well.


It is a common misconception that the loose-fitting of a jacket compliments the rider. In real life, if the fitting is not good enough, you will see chunks of fabric gathering near the shoulder, armpit, and elbow. This will restrict your movement and may even cause a serious accident if you do not focus on the movement properly.

Neck Coverage

For the summer, neck coverage is very important. This is mainly because the accumulation of the sweat with grains of sand and the continued friction will end up irritating. If your neck is covered properly, this will help you avoid this situation by keeping sand away from the neck.


During the nighttime, the visibility is very limited which can cause serious accidents. To avoid this situation, motorcycle jackets come in neon shades. Apart from this, you will also find reflectors at the back of the jackets that help in increasing the visibility even if the lighting conditions are bad and the visibility is very limited.


Most people like the idea of a leather jacket because most of the bikers look to revolve around the use of traditional black leather jackets. When it comes to summer jacket options, you need to find simple and light fabric. This will help in absorbing the sweat and keeping your body cool. Apart from this, light fabric helps in reducing weight and this will eventually help you stay cool in extreme summer weather.

Bottom Line

In short, your summer motorcycle jacket is going to protect you from extreme weather conditions. With the help of a good motorcycle jacket, you will be able to protect yourself as well as increase your capacity to store things. Motorcycle jackets also help in providing easy access to everything because of the pocket capacity in almost all places. Some of the jackets even come with arm pockets, jeans adjustment, and double padding on the elbows.


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