5 Organic Best Budget Face Wash To Buy Now | India 2022

Organic Best Budget Face Wash In India

Pampering your face starts with taking good care of it. The first step in skincare is cleaning – with an organic face wash.

Face washes work like magic to help the skin get rid of dirt, acne, excess sebum as well as tan, and offer a bright natural glow to the skin.

The mind-confusing varieties of face wash available online make it super difficult to pick the best one for your skin so here is a list of the best budget face wash-

Mother Sparsh

70% of your body is made up of water but when it comes to your skin, it requires more than just water, therefore re-mineralize your skin with the vitamin-rich blend of Earth Marine Water and aromatic essence of Vanilla Oil is the best choice.

I have been using this face wash for a week now, the results are quite pleasant, makes my skin feel smooth & fresh after the sweaty workout.

The product is only using organic ingredients and there are no side effects after using this facewash in fact because there are no harsh chemicals you will never feel itching or irritation which happen sometimes with other facewashes.

The tanning part is also been removed after few days, if you use it consistently it first repairs your skin and then moisturises it so that you can get glowing skin.


  1. Completely Natural:  It is formed with the goodness of natural emollients like glycerin, avocado oil and almond oil that help in hydrating dull skin. 
  2. Gives Balanced Hydration: It is formed with hydration boosting elements that help in cleaning away toxins without tearing away essential oils.  
  3. Re-mineralises & Nourishes: Mixture of Earth Marine Water, works to add minerals & vitamins into the skin and nourishes the skin deeply.
  4. Suitable for All Skin Types: The Plant-Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash is suitable for all skin types due to its powerful hydration & nourishing formula.

Aroma Magic Face Wash

This facewash is chemical-free and an amazing product I would suggest anyone who likes organic products. The only issue is it doesn’t lather like other facewash ( because it’s SLS free) I would suggest you take a tiny quantity in hand and lather it first and then apply the lather to your skin. Better to use it after the aroma magic coffee scrub.

I love how the skin feels after the wash. Soft and flexible. And the pores are also visibly shrunken. But it is not much effective on blackheads or Whiteheads, so it makes it on the list of Best Budget Face Wash.

Organic Harvest 3 in 1

This facewash does cleansing, scrubbing and whitening. The product has very tiny beads in it and helps in mild scrubbing and exfoliates the skin well. The scrub particles are not harsh on delicate skin.

Also instead of whitening, it makes the skin look radiant and fresh even on a dull day. The only thing that is not satisfying is fragrance. The fragrance is just plain or not very pleasant. But apart from that, this is an impressive facewash. You can go for it. All the ingredients are organic and can be used for skin care.

Juicy Chemistry

The product work miracles. The skin texture drastically recovered after continued use. It smells of blooming jasmine and has essential oils.
They used are well under dermal limits and it’s an ECOCERT and cosmos certified brand. Love it and has 100% confidence in it.

The product is also gentle but strong enough to remove cleansing balms/oils from the face. Has a spa-like smell which I enjoy. One pump is usually sufficient to wash the face and lathers pretty well for a 100% guaranteed organic face wash.

Plum Green Tea

I have tried this facewash and can say that it satisfies its promises but just because it’s a vegan, the price is way more than the other similar products. No doubt it’s chemical-free but the green tea presence is a bit doubtful. Also, the cool sensation is absent. The beads are hard and do not bust upon cleansing so works as a mild scrub.

For those who have extremely oily skin, this face wash is a boon. It helps to control the oil on the skin. One thing to remember, the balance on your facial oil always depends on your facewash+toner+moisturizer. So it’s a perfect blend that would work to regulate the oil on the face. Try to use a green tea toner and moisturizer along with this face wash.

Best Budget Face Wash to buy in India, hope this article has been helpful to you, my top recommendation is Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash as I felt that it not only focuses on cleaning but also moisturising, basically feeding skin internally.

Face wash for men according to me must be explored too as men’s skin care is equally important.


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