7 Effective Yoga Poses For Better Sleep Tonight

sleep yoga poses

Are you struggling with sleep at night? No more, read our article on sleep yoga poses to try if you want a deep sleep.

The day is over and it is time for you to get rested for the long day tomorrow. If you fall asleep now, you will be refreshed by tomorrow.

But there’s a catch, you keep over thinking about the day today has been and the day tomorrow will be. And before you know it you will have wasted a few hours that you should have been spending catching up on precious sleep. This is a very common problem among adults.

Lucky for you, we are here to help! Yoga has proved to help a person sleep better and deeper. When you sleep soundly, your brain works more efficiently.

Here are 7 sleep yoga poses that will help you with the same->


This pose is effective in relieving stress and anxiety. Child pose works wonders for people with insomnia. It calms you down. It’s a great stretching exercise for the spine. It increases blood circulation. This pose will also allow you to breathe deeper. Hence, it is very relaxing. 


This is a restorative yoga pose. It is also known as the goddess pose. This pose is usually done in the morning but if you are doing it before sleeping makes sure that you haven’t eaten anything in 2 hours at least. Goddess pose opens up your knees, thighs and hips, making you more flexible. The asana relieves menstrual cramps and digestive problems as well.


The cat stretch soothes the mind. As the name suggests, you have to stretch your body like a feline. Since the pose requires you to be on all fours, the upper body gets toned. It also aligns the spinal cord and improves blood circulation in the body. Marjariasana alleviates tension from the body. This enhances the quality of sleep you get. 


Savasana might be my favourite yoga pose of all, it is practically like you are sleeping! This pose is meant to relax your body gradually, alleviating all tension.

This is what makes this pose harder than it seems. You cannot fall asleep. The idea is to relax with attention. Chill out, let go of all the stress you have, but remain fully conscious.

Allow your body to get into a deep state of relaxation. Once you let go of the tension you’re holding on to, it will help you do the other yoga poses better. Also, after you do this pose regularly, you train your body to be more relaxed, letting you sleep better at night.


This is the pose where you bend forward and touch your toes. While doing so, you breathe in and out deeply. It enhances blood flow throughout the body and brings strength to the nervous system and makes the spine more supple. It is an excellent exercise to do when you want freedom from sleep problems. 


This pose is especially great for people who are required to be on their feet all day. Putting your legs up on the wall at a 90-degree angle can be surprisingly beneficial. It helps in centring the nervous system. It also relieves back pain and body ache. Viparita Karani soothes headaches as well. 


Get rid of all bad vibes with this pose. This is a full-body detox in the form of a yoga pose! This twist stretches the body in all the right ways. This is the quickest way to wind down. An amazing restorative pose to get ready for the next day. 

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