Know-How Regular Workout Helps Women To Deal With PCOS

How Regular Workout Helps Women To Deal With PCOS

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is a common hormonal disorder that causes acne, obesity and irregularity in the menstrual cycle. This disorder causes enlarged ovaries whose outer edges are lined with small cysts and other genetic and environmental factors. More than one million women suffer from this disorder, just in India and the global statistics are much larger. While this condition cannot be fully cured, there are treatments that can help keep it under control. 

There are also behaviours that one can incorporate in one daily life to keep discomfort to a minimum, and a regular workout is one of the main ways. The listing below some ways how regular workout helps women with PCOS that will have you Googling “gyms near me” and signing up at the nearest one:

  • Manages Weight: Irregularity in weight is one of the main issues caused by PCOS in women. Regular moderate-intensity workouts can help manage weight effectively, whether it’s about losing or gaining it. This helps you feel as well as look healthier.
  • Better Insulin Sensitivity: Insulin sensitivity affects about 70% of women with PCOS. This happens when there is an abnormal reaction to insulin in the body, resulting in much higher levels of insulin. This can lead to type 2 diabetes, acne, menstrual irregularity, fertility problems, oily skin, excess facial and body hair, as it also leads to excess production of testosterone. Regular exercise has been proven useful in controlling insulin levels and have a positive effect on the body.
  • Improves Mood: One of the biggest problems of having PCOS is mood swings. It starts taking a serious emotional toll that leaves you feeling tired and frustrated all the time, leading to mental health disorders. However, regular exercise causes the release of feel-good hormones like endorphins and serotonin in the body, uplifting your mood and making you feel happier.
  • Controls Cholesterol Levels: It has been proven that regular exercise causes an increase in your levels of HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol, also known as the “good cholesterol”. Since PCOS causes an increase in cholesterol levels which can put you at risk for cardiovascular diseases, exercising is a very effective way to control this.

While PCOS is a common disorder, it can take a heavy physical and emotional toll on those suffering from it. Managing it can be difficult, but regular exercise has too many benefits. The pain and discomfort caused by PCOS can often not allow you to engage in a regular workout. However, the good news is, even working out as little as three days a week for 30 mins each has proven to be very effective. 

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