Review Of Kantha Fabric From Fabcurate

kantha fabric

Kantha fabric is a popular fabric in easter regions of the Indian subcontinent. It is perfect to choose as per comfort and style!

Both the vintage and modern Kantha quilts are predominantly made from 100% cotton. This is because whether using different fabric or repurposing old fabric, cotton represents a robust, long-wearing and, most importantly, easy choice.

Fabcurate is one of the best websites to buy Kantha fabric online as they are famous to curate your own fabrics!

I want to review the fabric-

I am honestly very happy with the product and quality of it, thinking to make suits but you can make a kurta too!

5 honest views of mine about this kantha fabric are->

1. Washing is so simple and gentle, to be honest, and the colour doesn’t get eroded and I am just so happy with this fact only!

2. Material is cotton so best to wear in summer season as the sweaty season makes our clothes sticky which we don’t want at all and worst is when you going in parties and people can see that!

3. Pricing is affordable as, to be honest, it’s very hectic in summers to go to the local market and do all the hustle, so its a better option to order online and relax at home.

4. Traditionally it is a very good fabric and perfect to wear at Indian parties.

5. Fabcurate customer support is too good as if I had any queries, solved very easily!

I hope that’s enough convincing for you guys to now go and buy the kantha fabric, summer season is here and I am sure you will love this!

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