10 Powerful Face Yoga Exercises To Look Younger And Slimmer

Face Yoga Excercises

Face yoga exercises can help you in a lot of things like slimming and anti-ageing of your skin. You should take care of that!

Face plays a vital role in one’s first impression. Facial muscles endure maximum atrocities of dust, pollution, and harsh sun rays so it becomes crucial to pamper them.

Regular visits to parlours and spas are an easy option however there lies a bunch of tips and tricks without spending a penny!

Here are the 10 Face Yoga exercises to pamper your face->

1. Double chin reduction:

Double chins are essentially not desired by the majority of people. People in spite of having a slim body can have a blob of fat hanging loosely below the chin! Worry not. You can simply stick your tongue out and at least try to touch your nose. It’s absolutely fine if you fail to touch your nose because what’s more important is the Tension force/(pulling) developing in the blob of fat.

2. Sagging facial muscles:

You can use a metal table-spoon of approx. weight 15-20 grams. Try holding the tail of the spoon between your lips tightly. Nod your head up and down with an interval of 1 second while holding the metal spoon.

3. Face puffiness:

Fill up your mouth with air and seal your lips. Stay like this for 10 seconds then release. Alternatively, fill up the air inside the right cheek and seal it. Hold for 10 seconds then release. Do the same for left cheek, upper lips and lower chin.

Did you know Yoga also helps you get flawless skin? Wondering how?

4. Pull down your lips:

Try pulling the corner of your lips down both sides to feel the Tension develop, do this 10 times at one go while keeping your head erect all time.

This is one of the effective faces of yoga exercises.

5. Pull up your lips:

Try pulling up your lower lip as far as you could in order to touch the sky 😉. Do this 10 times at one go while keeping your head tilted backwards at all times.

6. Sagging necks:

Tilt your head towards the right and press your head backwards using your right palm while resisting the palm with your head. The idea is to develop an equal amount of forces in two opposite directions. One with your palm while the other with your head. Do the same with your left side.

7. Sharp jawline:

Use the tip of a rounded straw, pencil or ice cream stick to writing anything you want in the air while tightly holding it around your lips. The effects of this exercise will be more pronounced if you can keep your head erect while writing the letters.

With regular practice, you can ace this exercise and get a sharp jawline.

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8. Tongue against roof:

Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Move your chin forward and while looking up. Do it five times a day to reduce cheek fat.

9: Facial and neck fat:

Tilt your head back and try plucking imaginary grapes hanging above your face using your mouth. The constant contraction and relaxation will reduce the chubby and stubborn blob of fat from the lower part of your face.

10. Wake up your facial muscles:

Sometimes due to poor blood flow in your facial muscles, you can experience a puffy face, dry cheeks and a lack of freshness. A quick solution to this can be sucking your mouth inwards so that your cheeks get hollow on both sides. Breathe in and out while in the same position. Release. This exercise will help to enhance blood flow and make your skin get a natural pinkish tinge.

Above mentioned face yoga exercises are tried results among a number of individuals. You need to give it a try with a positive attitude to experience luscious and glowing results.

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