How To Make Friends In The Most Easy Way

how to make friends

How to make friends in such a way that will stay forever and you can be dependent on them in your good or bad times.

Man is a social creature. The very essence of our society comes from being dependent on another human being.

We don’t just rely on other people for goods and services. We also need them for emotional needs. People need to have meaningful connections with other people that is what makes us human.

Even as kids we have been always taught that a person can be judged by the quality of friends he/she has. You are only as good as the company you keep. It is evident that the friends’ circle of a child plays a huge role in his developmental years.

But that does not mean that adults don’t have an equally big need for friendships. 

Have you ever watched sitcoms like How I met your mother, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The big band theory, etc. and wondered “I wish I had a group like that!”.

Our deep-seated need for friends is the reason why such shows are a hit. We all want a group of buddies that stay close through the highs and lows of life.

But it isn’t easy to make real friends as an adult. Childhood pals go their separate ways and one fine day you find yourself free on a Saturday night with no plans. Well, you are not alone.

Whether you are looking for a significant other or a friend, the first step remains the same- you have to make yourself available.

You cannot expect your soul made to show up on your doorstep while you sit in your pyjamas and complain about how hard life is. Put yourself out there! 

Things that interest you can be a great tool for you to bond with others.

Go to events and open mics. Join a club. Take a class. Anything related to your hobby. There are great chances that you might click with someone with similar interests to you like watching web series.

If you both do decide to hang out, you will spend your free time together doing something that you both find fun. And in the odd chance that that does not happen you did do something productive and fun.

Let’s say that you did find somebody you are interested in hanging out with. You might have experienced the feeling of a platonic crush (as I call it).

This is when you see someone cool and you wish you could be their friend but you don’t know how to approach them. I understand how anxious you may feel because of the fear of rejection.

However, If you don’t shoot your shot, you might miss on a great friendship. You can initiate small talk, and ask semi-personal questions to see if they open up. You can ask them for help (it works because people love feeling needed).

You can also bond over shared interests or even shared dislikes! The worst thing that could happen is them saying know the best thing that could happen is your finding a lifelong friend. So, this is a chance that is surely worth taking.

Not all of our friends are our true lifelong friends.

Many of them are hi-bye friends that we have fun times with just because we see them every day. For example, certain classmates and colleagues. The only way to have a true friend is to be one.

If you really want to have a friendship that stays for a very long time you have to be there for the person even when they are not at their best and also plan some road trips.

If you do this the connection is surely going to last for a long time. You may be astonished by this but basic kindness is also rare to find. 

Finally, remember that you are worthy of having true friendships. 

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2 thoughts on “How To Make Friends In The Most Easy Way

  1. These are some great tips here, and meeting new friends through interests is a big one. I can’t remember how many people I’ve met at the rock climbing gym, as well as my martial arts classes. Thanks for sharing, Krati!


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