11 Business Podcasts On Spotify For New Entrepreneurs

Business Podcasts

Business podcasts on Spotify are a great entertaining way to learn. Every entrepreneur should listen to podcasts because it gives you a lot to learn.

There are podcasts about every topic under the sun. The business podcast is an umbrella term for podcasts about how to grow, business tactics, advice from corporate Giants, etcetera.

If you are someone who likes to be productive at all times, you will like listening to the podcasts while you’re driving, getting ready in the morning, et.

Here are a few business podcasts on Spotify that you should consider tuning in to.


College is very important to get educated in the field that you are pursuing. But, there are a lot of things college won’t teach you. You have to learn it in the real world.

The $100 MBA gives you insight into how the real business world looks like. The podcast will teach you stuff that you did not learn in Business School. Listeners like the fact that this podcast is very realistic. 

It doesn’t just give stories, it gives actual advice on how to grow. The show has over 100,000 daily listeners. It has no fluff episodes, just straight, to the point advice.


Startup culture has become very popular these days, especially in India. More and more graduates are aspiring to take their startups to great heights.

The startup is a fictional documentary podcast series. Follow Alex on the journey of giving up his job and starting a business.

This podcast is informative and helpful. Because of the unique format, you will be hooked, following the story. ABC’s sitcom ‘Alex, inc’ is a TV adaptation of this podcast. ‘


Business wars, hosted by David Brown is an interesting podcast to tune in to. Like the name suggests, the podcast is about the rivalries among big brands of the same product/service.

For example, there are episodes like ‘McDonald’s vs Burger King’ and ‘Netflix vs Blockbuster’. It gives you the story behind what it takes to make a name brand.

There are some best podcasts for startups you need to check now!


Tony Robbins is famous for his books and his TED Talk “Why we do what we do”. If you’ve heard the TED Talk, you’ll agree that Robbins is a great orator. So naturally, his podcast is a treat to listen to.

“Why need an ordinary life when you can lead an extraordinary one?” Says Robbins in this enriching podcast.

He gives realistic advice and proven strategies that help you grow business and achieve success. Tony uses examples from his own life, to give advice on how to build a business and your relationships.

He recently did an episode about the COVID-19 Pandemic too.


This podcast has been ranked as the #1 business podcast several times. It is also the first podcast to cross a hundred million downloads.

The Time Ferris show is an interview-based podcast that has featured several businessmen who are the best at their field.

The well trained, highly skilled professionals give real advice and no-nonsense. This podcast is quite positive and inspiring. Tim Ferris is often called ‘the Oprah of audio’.


Everyone starts small. Billionaires who are Founders / CEO of huge companies were someday common people like you and me.

How I built this is a deep dive into the stories behind the world’s most famous companies. It gives you insight from the innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists. Go look up any big famous company, and the people behind it may have been featured on the podcast.

This podcast has been so successful since it first aired in 2016, Guy Raz started the “How I built this summit” As well. It is an annual gathering of listeners of the podcast.

Best Podcast To Listen NOW!


You may have a great business mind, and maybe your ideas are worth a million bucks. Yet introversion may come in your way and hinder your success.

This podcast, hosted by Beth Buelow is great for such people. It talks about what the world of business is like, from the point of view of an introvert. So for the introverts, the obstacles are relatable and the advice, helpful.

This award-winning podcast was on the air from 2010 to 2018. Beth Buelow has also written a book called “The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms”


Planet money is basically economy 101 for dummies. It offers simple explanations, so you really understand how the economy works. They use a ‘creative and entertaining’ narrative.

It’s such a fun podcast to listen to, that it feels like you’re listening to a friend tell you about something they are passionate about. Is really wonderful that they can take a topic which some people may find boring and make it sound so interesting and easy to comprehend.

This podcast will also answer any questions you may have about the economy, but you are too embarrassed to ask it to your family, friends or peers.


Here’s one podcast with a unique format. It’s live – workshop styled. You may have great ideas and skills, but a serious lack of motivation may come in the way of your success.

This podcast helps you get motivated, inspired and ready for challenges. It gives realistic ways to tackle problems and achieve your goals. It is hosted by Jenna Kutcher, a small town business-oriented girl.

The podcast dives into all business-related topics like branding, marketing, etc. It’s one of the top 10 business podcasts on iTunes, and it has been downloaded millions of times.

  1.  RISE podcast with Rachel Hollis

Sometimes, listening to a success story is all the motivation you need. New York Times best selling author Rachel Hollis started this one of the best business podcasts to offer ‘tangible and tactical tools for your life and business’.

It features a lot of great conversations with successful people. It is loved by many because it’s not complicated yet interesting. Hollis’ podcast is a great guide to help you with your professional as well as personal life.

11. Markrating Cafe By Krati Agarwal

This podcast is hosted by our owner only she is an entrepreneur and a 6 fig business owner who ditched her software job to pursue this.

Learn from her all around marketing, business, building multiple income streams etc. Tune in Spotify, Google, itunes and more!


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