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comfort zone

“Life is hard – when you live in a comfort zone and when you are leaving your comfort zone”

Comfort zone is the most beautiful and awesome place to live in. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their life in peace with the same comfort, but it is not a good option in every case.

Comfort zone brings a lot of fear, anxiety, anger, regret and feeling of mediocrity in later stages of life.

A person who is at the highest peak in their life had left their comfort zone back then in their struggling days. 

Comfort zone brings struggle either now or later. So the better choice to do is now, and enjoy the process later.

If you want to excel your career, find a new job, crack an exam, lose those extra kilos then you have to take a step.

If a butterfly stays in its cocoon forever then it can’t explore the beauty of their wings and the beauty of flying. So to explore beauty we have to kick out of that beautiful but dangerous place.

How to get out of comfort zone you can be figured out by following these steps :

  • Take that first bold step –

    That bold step will bring a lot of anxiety, fear or pressure but it will show you new beauty.

  • Self-belief –

    It is the key to challenge limits, always trust yourself if others can why can’t you. Always remember you have infinite potential in you, believe and take a step.

  • Read motivation books or listen to good people –

    Whenever you want to learn or want to find some motivation then read books to reprogram your mind and to get some ideas or listening to good people will motivate you to do better.

    motivational books

  • Surround yourself with good people –

    Try to surround yourself with some good people who can help you to bring the best out of you and can help you to come out of your comfort zone.

  • Visualize yourself with success –

    Try to visualize yourself with that success as it will motivate you and it will help you to challenge limits and help you to come out of your comfort zone.

  • Check your past accomplishments –

    Checking and revisiting your past accomplishments will give you motivation and will boost your confidence so that you can take a step ahead for new success.

  • Don’t take large steps at once –

    Sometimes it feels difficult and lots of fear comes with it if we decide to take a big step at once so it’s better to take small steps which will give you motivation and will align with your goal.

It’s very important to take a leap and come out of your zone for a beautiful massive change. Comfort zone makes a person lazy and doesn’t let anyone explore the treasure which is inside each one of us.

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