Top Luxury Brands In India That Are Available

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Luxury brands in India for those who think that good brands don’t exist here which is wrong totally. Check the blog post.

Luxurious products are a trend these days. With a wide range of influencers in SM, we are introduced with a plethora of luxurious brands and products. Instagram models who promote makeup brands, Automobiles are followed by millions of viewers.

Even if one can’t afford to use them yet the advertisement of these products grabs our eyeballs.

Here are top luxury brands in India available in India for one who wants to spend lavishly!

  1. M.A.C: One of the highly endorsed makeup brand by celebrities worldwide. This company has a collection of makeups suited for Indian face. You can invest in this brand for high-quality lipsticks, kohl and many more.
  2. BURBERRY: A British luxury brand with its global outreach including India. It has a wide range of perfumes, bags, trench coats, luxurious clothing. An excellent brand to pamper yourself.
  3. Michael Kors: A global luxury lifestyle brand which is rapidly growing worldwide. An American brand which is showing its presence throughout India with its outlet in major shopping malls. It has a wide collection of clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, watches and much more.
  4. GUCCI: An Italian brand founded in the city of Florence. With its wide SM campaigns and carefully selected Models it is one of the most known luxurious brands among the masses. Shop for luxurious perfumes, handbags, sunglasses, shoes, clothing and much more.
  5. CANALI: Again an Italian luxury clothing brand famous for men’s luxury. Its outlets are present in various shopping malls in Indian cities. Men can find a perfect brand to pamper themselves with!
  6. Jimmy Choo: A 21st-century luxurious brand that offers the widest range of luxurious shoes as it’s a speciality. Alongside it offers lavish accessories, handbags, perfumes. However, women’s luxurious footwear is the best creation of this brand.
  7. TUMI: A leading international brand for business, travel and lifestyle accessories. It is known for adopting the latest innovations and styles throughout its own collection. A wide range of Handbags, carrying bags, travelling bags makes this brand famous globally.
  8. BALLY: Second oldest luxurious brand of Swiss origin which is famous for Shoes. It has its own history of shoemaking. It also manufactures accessories, women products. However, excellence in men’s formal shoes is what makes this brand known globally.
  1. OMEGA: A luxurious brand for watches. To make your wrist appear lavish and pampered go for this luxury brand. It has a wide reach in Indian society with its products known and valued by Indians.
  2. ROLEX: Known for its highly precise designed wristwatches with gemstones. This brand offers its own unique style of wristwatches combined with costly metals and gemstones. Highly valued in Indian society and endorsed by many Bollywood celebrities in movies as well as in commercials and advertisements.
  3. Swarovski: A specialist in crystal cut items. Famous for high-quality precise crystal jewellery, crystal-studded watches. This brand endorses its own uniqueness of crystal specialization. Any product of this brand comes crystal studded. An excellent brand for ones who have a fetish for sparkles and glitters in a luxurious manner.
  4. DOLCE & GABBANA: A luxurious brand popular for sunglasses. It has more than sunglasses to offer like men and women clothing, perfumes, accessories and footwear. Reference of this brand has been made quite often in Bollywood movies and ads.

    Glad you get some perspective of luxury brands in India and you can now go and shop it out.

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