10 Powerful Skin & Health Benefits of Anjeer

benefits of anjeer

Benefits of anjeer for skin, hair, heart & weight are powerful. They are rich in antioxidants and can even battle cancer.

Figs (Anjeer)  are from the kind of dry fruits which are sweet in taste. It is from the Mulberry family. They are round in shape and can be enjoyed throughout the year. 

They can be consumed in any form – dried, soaked, or puree. Highly rich in potassium, iron, calcium, fiber. Figs can be consumed in the morning or at any time of the day either in milk, pudding, or custard.

They are great for skin, managing weight which improves over the health of the person. They are generally suggested to control hunger or sugar cravings or improve the overall health of a person.

There are some benefits of Anjeer for skin, weight and overall health->

  1. Cures Iron deficiency– 

    As Anjeer is rich in iron, it’s benefit is that it increases the haemoglobin in the body.
  2. Good for skin

    It is good for skin as it is rich in antioxidants which detoxify the body and maintains the quality of the skin. Also provide glow on skin by preventing acne, blemishes or other problems.
  3. Good for Hairs

    As it is rich in minerals and Omega 3 and omega 6 which is good for hair growth. Also prevents excess breakage of hairs because of pollution or heating.
  4. Manages weight

    Anjeer manages weight as it controls hunger pangs and sugar cravings. As sugar is dangerous for obese people so it can be considered as a perfect substitute. Due to its quality of rich in fibres, it helps to shed extra kilos.
  5.  Good for Bones

    As Anjeer is rich in calcium it helps to restore the health of bones by supplying calcium to the body and thus improves the quality of bones.
  6. Prevents Constipation

    It helps to prevent constipation as it is rich in fibre It is also good for the intestine thus helps the body to digest better and maintain the health of the gut system.
  7. Cures Arthritis

    It cures arthritis it is rich in calcium and other minerals which reduces stiffness in the joints which prevent the pain and provide support in joints thus cures arthritis.
  8. Reduce Blood pressure

    It reduces blood pressure as it helps in proper blood circulation and also improves the digestive system which directly improves blood pressure.
  9. Improve Blood sugar level

    It helps to improve blood sugar level as it contains natural sugar and has certain minerals, which help to maintain sugar level in the body thus also helps diabetic patient to maintain insulin level in the body. 
  10. Good for brain health

    It is really good for brain health as it helps to improve the blood circulation and is a natural energy booster which provides a good dose of energy to the brain. The improvement of blood circulation in the body our brain also gets sufficient blood which helps to improve the quality of memory.

In conclusion, Anjeer is really good and magical food to improve the quality of the body as it is a natural supplement for skin, blood, hair, bones, weight, etc. It helps in maintaining the quality of life by providing sufficient nutrition. 

It is recommended a healthy person must contain 3-4 Anjeer daily to improve the quality of life. Hope you liked the benefits of anjeer.

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It is said ” A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” thus helps in retaining overall quality.

How many Anjeer eat daily?

2-3 figs per day is good to go

How should Anjeer be eaten?

Dry figs can simple be eaten like that. Mostly used in desserts for toppings.

Does Anjeer increase weight?

Not at all

Is Anjeer good for hair?

Yes and great for acne too on scalp.


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