7 Surprising Pista Benefits ( Pistachios) To Know

benefits of pista for health

There are so many benefits of pista for health which we need to acknowledge. Dry fruits are good for healthy organs.

Pista is a legendary dry fruit of Indian Culture.

It is widely used to garnish Indian desserts. It is consumed worldwide in the roasted form with a wide variety of seasonings like classic salt, popular herbs like oregano, mint, and much more.

Pista is a labor-intensive crop that makes it highly expensive and unaffordable for a larger chunk of the population. This downside makes the maximum fraction of the population inaccessible to its major health benefits.

Here are some benefits of this legendary dry fruit

  1. Has a truckload of essential nutrients:

    Pista has enormous amounts of nutrients which can aid to build a healthy body and a healthy mind. It is eaten for Potassium, antioxidants, proteins, healthy vitamins, and minerals. Few nuts of Pista can be included as a small part of a healthy balanced diet.
    Athletes & sportspersons are provided these nuts in loads to build up their protein content.
  2. Lower in calories:

    What makes pista stand out of the crowd of big dry fruit giants like Almonds and Cashews is it’s the lowest calorie content. If you love munching on roasted dry fruits then go for pistas instead of cashews. Pistas can be consumed in double the amount of cashews and still offer lower calories than half the amount of cashew nuts.
    However, if you are calorie conscious then don’t go for oil-roasted pistas as it may hamper your weight loss goal. Go for oil-free roasted pistas which are much less oily and super crunchy.
  3. Fiber:

    pistas usually come in a mixture of colors comprised of green, violet, and brown.
    The green tinge is due to the presence of chlorophyll in it. The same chlorophyll is responsible for the green color of vegetables like spinach, cucumber, etc. Pista has richer fiber content than cashews or walnuts. Fiber is needed by your intestines to produce soft and healthy stool. The optimum amount of Fiber in your body will keep a healthier colon.
  4. Copper:

    People who are advised to raise their hemoglobin levels are often advised to eat animal liver. Copper is an essential element needed in the formation of hemoglobin. However, apart from animal liver Pistas have copper and Magnesium in them too which are important in boosting hemoglobin levels. Copper is needed in the production of Red blood cells in our body.
  5. Monosaturated fats:

    Pistas have a commendable amount of monosaturated fatty acid (MUFA) in them which helps in the optimization of cholesterol levels in the body and in turn, reduces the risk of heart ailments.
    MUFA in vegetable oils, ghee is higher in content than Pistas. However, a good amount of MUFA can be obtained from pista nuts if consumed regularly and in optimum amounts.
  6. Rich in Antioxidants:

    The purple or violet tinge of pistas is a chemical named anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a popular antioxidant that helps in the protection of our cells from damage.
    Many foods that contain the pigment vibrant red/purple/blue/violet are an indicator of large amounts of antioxidants. Pista is one such food with violet pigments indicating visually that it’s rich in antioxidants.

7. Improves your gut health:

Pistas have fiber in them and this is directly linked with producing a healthy gut. The Gut-brain relationship is being studied and researched these days. A healthy gut leads to a sound mind and mood. These were some benefits of pista for health.

Hence pistas can keep your mind & mood healthy too!

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How many pistachios should you eat in a day?

For pistas, it’s recommended that you eat 1-2 for a healthy body.

Is Pista bad for health?

Pistas contain a lot of fat but most of it is monounsaturated fat, a heart-healthy one that can help lower levels of bad cholesterol.

Does eating Pista increase weight?

The fats presented in it prevents you from weight gain.

How many pistachios should I eat for sleep?

Even eating tow gives a does of melatonin.


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