9 Tips On Self Care During The Pandemic

Self Care During The Pandemic

Tips on self-care during the pandemic which is very important and must be taken care of crucially for well being.

In these murky times when everything is looking bleak for most of the people and at the same time some are happy that they are safe at their home, getting married, some are finding their passion, students don’t have to go school which has indirectly increased the workload of our supermoms.

Amidst all the chaos what we shouldn’t forget is to washing hands or sanitizing it all the time. Why it is important than before? As virus through our hands can go in mouth or nose as we touch our face frequently and that is most hazardous because it will directly affect lungs.

You should definitely read the article on best hand sanitizers to decide which will be best for you.

With these all there is another set of people who are really suffering in this pandemic as some have lost their jobs, the workload has increased, no outings, no parties above that most people have lost their family members because of this coronavirus and this is the greatest loss.

This pandemic has really changed everything a lot and up to an extent it is clear it will be difficult to get back to normal lives even after the pandemic is over. 

I know it will be difficult for the people who are suffering in this pandemic because of any reason but still, it is to be kept in mind it is not the end as the world is changing and one has to change themself for the good and accept this as the reality.

The lot will say it is easier to say than to suffer but this challenge has to be accepted as a harsh reality.

One can take a few steps to keep a balance in this and move a bit from where they are now. Sometimes little steps change lives for better and make a strong you.

Tips On Self Care During The Pandemic

  1. Read more: One thing one can dive into is reading good books. It is one of the keys to find yourself and uplift your soul and it will enhance thinking capacity and will take you to another world.
  2. Meditation: Here and there we can easily see every other person is saying to meditate but believe it or not it is one of the best things to do to calm and relax the mind. It will clutter unnecessary worries and stress in some time and will improve clarity to an extent. One thing to remember in this process is that patience is a must, it will not show results in a day or two but after a couple of months, you will see a change. Rome was not built in a day.
  3. Talk to family members or close friends: The time can be used as an opportunity to improve relationships with family members and friends. It will heal you internally as you will be happier and is natural dopamine to consume with no harm. Discussing problems sometimes with close ones will reduce the burden in the heart and mind which makes you motivated and hope to rise and shine again.   Never lose your shine because of any problem, problems are temporary but you are permanent.
  4. Exercise – Little bit of exercise will help you to stay fit and will uplift your mood and studies show a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Sweat out your fear, worries, and make yourself your better and best version.
    How To Increase Immune System
    How To Increase Immune System
  5. Start writing Journals – Start writing journals as when you can’t share some stuff with anyone it will help to hear your deepest pain and anxiety and with this you sometimes find solutions to problems.
  6. Eat good and homemade food – Take it as an opportunity to save yourself from eating outside food to protect your health and after some time you can find yourself happier. Of course, never kill too many cravings but try to make it less.
  7. Gratitude – At the time of sleeping, always count 5 blessings daily, it will raise a hope in you that it’s not that bad at least you will have something to cheer on.
  8. Help your siblings or parents – You can always help in daily studies and chores of your dear ones. This will add something new in your knowledge and will definitely help in your future or now. Learning never goes waste.
  9. Study something or take a course – Study something new or whatever you always wanted to, make use of it as much as you can and you will come out with more knowledge and fewer regrets.

Hope everyone finds some ways to deal with life in a positive and hopeful manner. Start implementing from now. It’s never too late or too early, just a quick action is required. Just keep faith in yourself and God everything will be back on track in something. I pray for more good days for you, keep in mind these tips on Self Care During The Pandemic.

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