Order Snacks Online- 9 India’s Best Yum Tea Snacks

home made snacks online

Order snacks online that are healthy and yum like- kachori, papads, chips etc. You can buy all on Amazon. Order Now!

If you are away from home and loved ones in the pandemic, the missing home has become inevitable. The time spent with your loved ones, the home-cooked delicacies you had a chance to savour make home-sickness even worse.

With the conditions as they are right now, it’s impossible to have those home-made snacks you love gobbling up. And that’s why I have something for you. Yes, we have a list of easy-to-buy homemade snacks online for you.

Who doesn’t enjoy Namak pare?

Namak pare, mattar, savory bites, everyone has a different name for them but everyone loves them! Available on Amazon fresh from Jaipur, so you can enjoy this delight anywhere and everywhere.

  • Masala-kachori is bae.

Everyone who has had masala kachori knows how delectable these are. And just imagine these tasty and delicious home-made mini masala kachoris in your mouth and your mouth will begin to water right this instant. Buy a pack of these savoury delights.

  • Home-made potato chips have no parallels.

If you have had home-made potato chips, you know how these salty snacks delight the taste buds. And we know you want to have a packet of homemade potato chips too. Craving some potato chips that have fried at home? Order them from Amazon now.

  • Oh, and those round chaklis!

Chaklis are another homemade snack Indians love munching on. If you have had too many chaklis to count at home, click here to get them delivered at your doorstep. And if you have somehow missed out on Chaklis, this is your time to try and fall in love with them.

The many flavours of Khakhras.

Gujaratis and Khakhras have a bond stronger than love and most Indians love them too. It wouldn’t be a lie if you’re a Khakhra fan too. And the best news for you,  you can order a pack of four khakhra flavours and get them delivered at your doorstep from AMAZON!

  • Banana chips are the yummiest.

Visited Kerala and Tamil Nadu anytime? You should know how delightful South Indians are at making banana chips. A delicacy fried in the coconut oil, they have a taste that no other snack can have. And for those too fond of banana chips, buy now at fair price.

  • Don’t miss out on this lovely mathris.

    Mathri is a dish popular throughout the country and they make for a great tea-time snack. Whether you love tasty, sweet mathris or you prefer those namkeen mathris more, Amazon has snacks for you to order them online. If you’re a sweet-toothed person, order mathris now.

Homemade peanut chivda is an option too!

I am sure you didn’t know the peanut chivda you use to make bhel puri is available online too. But, it is and the best part, it is homemade so you can stop thinking of harming your health with the preservatives and all! So, get ready to whip the perfect bhelpuri with this homemade peanut chivda. Buy this amazing delicacy from Amazon.

And if you want a combo of mathri, chivda and namkeen, order it from Amazon, you won’t regret this homemade snacks online.

  • What do you say about the homemade papads?

There’s no debate that having homemade papads with food can make any dish taste heavenly. And that eating papad rolls filled with the vegetables and spices is another level of bliss. So, if your mum can’t courier you her delicious papads yet, why not buy home-made ones from Amazon?

Yes, order moong daal papads NOW!

I am sure you never knew that you could buy all these homemade snacks online but now that you do, happy binge-eating chaklis and banana chips. Oh, also, you can order homemade besan ladoos online too. Don’t believe me? Check it out!

Stop your mouth from watering and order any amazing homemade snacks online mentioned above…


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