5 Tips On Weddings During Coronavirus

tips on weddings during coronavirus

Tips on weddings during coronavirus you need to know so that you can get married soon and start your next phase of life soon.

As Indians, we are no strangers to the extravaganza of Indian weddings. And we all have to go!

Whether it is our cousin’s wedding or the wedding of your mum’s aunt’s granddaughter, we just can’t miss out. But planning such weddings is not an easy task! Bookings have to be done, invitations have to be sent out and the outfits have to be picked.

But times have changed. The coronavirus pandemic is upon us and all wedding plans have to be put on hold. 

If you have your or your relative’s wedding coming up, the safest choice is to postpone it. But we know calling off a wedding is inauspicious, so we have a few tips on weddings during the coronavirus pandemic. 

  • Have a Micro Marriage!

The total opposite of the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’, a micro marriage is a great idea if you can’t cancel your wedding. And you can do this by limiting the number of people coming to your wedding! 

So, if you have already made a guest list, it’s time to cut it down. You can also reduce the number of people coming to your sangeet and other ceremonies. It may not remain the same seven days of festivity, fun, and celebration, but you’re sure to have a good time! 

  • Gift sanitizers and masks to your guests.

This may sound like a weird idea but this can help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Ask all your guests to wear masks at all times and keep reminding them to sanitize their hands frequently. You can also set up booths for everyone to wash their hands with soap and water. 

Bonus tip: If you don’t want to wear masks on your marriage, you can always have a face shield on.

  • Stay safe!

Wedding or not, staying safe should be your biggest priority. Practice social distancing and ask all guests to do the same. Marriages are grand family get-togethers but you need to avoid greeting your loved ones with handshakes and hugs. Instead, you can greet people with folded hands and a Namaste.

  • A virtual wedding is good too!

Virtual weddings are a great idea to limit the number who come in contact with you and vice-versa. This, in turn, will keep your family, relatives, and friends safe from coronavirus.

It is as simple as ordinary marriage. At home, you organize each event with your immediate family and get your guests on a video call. There are many video-conferencing apps like Google Meet and Zoom that let you connect with each member of your family for free! 

All your relatives, friends, and guests can join the video call and participate in each event. This means you don’t need to cut down your guest list and you can have your marriage rituals in presence of all. 

Although having a virtual wedding seems to be very complicated, it, in fact, is very simple. You just need to take care that being the host you have to communicate with your guests and enjoy your day! 

Get married in court!

If having a micro marriage or a virtual wedding seem too much of a hassle, you can get married in the court. Getting married this way means you neither have to worry about inviting hundreds of guests nor do you have to worry about your marriage getting postponed. All you need to do is go to court with your immediate family and get your marriage registered. You can always have the lavish reception some other time.

We hope these tips on weddings during coronavirus help you and you have a great wedding!

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