Best Android Apps To Edit Photos Like A Pro!

best android apps to edit photos

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Great photos can tell stories, express feelings, and remind you of the good old times. And in a time where social media photos are a must to keep everyone posted, having photo editing apps is a must. Why use desktop computers and heavy photo editing apps when you can get the best android apps to edit photos with a few swipes on your phone?

The play store has no shortage of photo editing apps, but there are just too many apps to choose from. So, we thought of recommending to you some photo editing apps that you can use to edit photos on the go. 

  • Google Snapseed

A photo editing app by Google, Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps you can use on Android. If you want some professionally edited photos, Snapsees should be the app of your choice. And the best part about this app, it’s totally free! So, brighten your photos, rotate and crop them to your taste, straighten them for the best angle, and adjust the contrast because a little change can transform your photos. Snapseed also allows you to add all kinds of filters and everything from vintage, modern, to retro. It’s a great tool to glamourise your photos and make them look the way you want. And most of all, it allows you to produce a brand-new result every time you edit a photo. Snapseed is our #1 and you’ll know why once you use it!

  • Lightroom

Lightroom is another great mobile app which provides photo editing features of a desktop computer. It is a powerful but simple tool for capturing, editing, sharing your photos, and to change their colour, exposure, tone and contrast. You won’t find stickers, animations, or emojis in this app, but you will certainly be able to gain control over your images. Most of its features are available for free, but you need a subscription for full access. Buying a Lightroom subscription means you can get premium features like perspective correction, selective adjustment and the ability to sync your photos across all your devices.

  • VSCO

The VSCO app not only offers stickers and animated GIFs for Snapchat enthusiasts, but it also displays photos with various colour filters. With a huge range of preset filters available, VSCO is a great choice if you want to add a vintage look to your photos. Although it provides only limited functions for free, you can purchase packs of presets. Another cool thing, it has a wide range of black and white filters too! So, download the app, explore the many choices, and experiment with your photos. If monochrome shots are your thing, you should have VSCO. The app also has a built-in social network.

  • Prisma

Prisma is a photo editor app that turns your photo into a quirky, cool artwork. Not only can you use Prisma to adjust colour balance, hue, and saturation, but you can also completely transform your photo with many different art styles to choose from. The Prisma filters are great, and you can tweak with them too. But all filters don’t work on all images. But all filters can’t be applied to all photos! So, enjoy the process of experimenting and find the filters that let your photos stand out. 

  • PicsArt

PicsArt offers you a wide range of editing tools like cinematic colour grading and dramatic filters that make your image a piece of art with the perfect exposure and contrast. It also has a variety of options to edit the tone and shape of your face in a selfie. But unfortunately, it has a few limited free functions. If you don’t want to use PicsArt to beautify your photos, you can use it to have fun. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that PicsArt is a mixture of Photoshop and Paint.

These are the best android apps to edit photos to make them magical! It’s now time to try these apps and see if they make your life easier.


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