How To Avoid Office Politics Positively In Job

how to avoid office politics

How to avoid office politics by staying out of the gossip, keeping yourself updated, and standing up for a respectful work environment.

An office is a place where we spend a big portion of our day. The environment and its people greatly affect our overall well being. Hence it becomes essential for us to work in a healthy environment.

A healthy environment in an office is obtained by empathetic colleagues who are ready to help you when the need arises. However, not every one of us has access to the so-called healthy environment full of empathetic colleagues.

There are people with whom you work who doesn’t want your success and prosperity. There are people who cannot tolerate your promotion though you can be the most deserving employee.

Here are several tips to avoid office politics and maintain a good relationship for your mental, physical, and financial well being-

No Gossips:

Gossips are the starting point of any politics. Gossips mostly consist of half checked facts laden with lies. Listening to gossips may sound entertaining for a few days but if you have a sound mind you will soon realize its futility. Gossips hamper your productivity too so avoid it at any cost.

The office is for work:

Always keep this notion oscillating in your mind that your office is only for work and nothing else. Make your abilities and skills a topmost priority in your workplace. Anything and anyone that interferes with your priorities should be immediately stopped.

Social parties:

Social parties are known for the ear to ear gossips along with a glass of wine. I am sure you’re not unaware of groups of 3-4 people with different varieties of gossips. Act like a balanced personality and stay in groups of like-minded people. Make this an opportunity to discuss your next project thus avoiding all politics!

Stay updated:

It may be not that easy to obtain the source of current information about the office but once you will figure this out it will help you a lot. These constant updates will keep you on track and aware much before than others. Try to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone in your office so that you are not left out of any info.


Make your communication and speaking style highly professional. This will suit your employer/boss and also hint your colleagues about your passion for work. Try not to believe fully in talks among workers and communicate with your boss to judge the validity of office talks. Active listening also helps sometimes to make conversations better.

Choose friends wisely:

Always listen to your gut feeling. Analyze and examine people before being free with them. Always remember that the friends you will choose here will decide how long you can sustain in that environment.

Stay away from backbiters:

You will always come across certain people who talk ill of others in front of you. Do not fall into this trap. They will try hard to extract hatred for the third person from you so that it can be used to defame you in front of that third person. They do this thing with every employee and ultimately their target is to create deep roots of misunderstanding. Stay away from listening ill talks about others by giving trivial excuses like a call from mom, or the pending email which you need to send.

Never trust anyone blindly:

Keep yourself updated with office events, stay sincere with your work but never ever trust anyone in the office blindly. Your mind should be sharp and hawk-eyed so that you don’t fall in anyone’s trap. Be ready to help others in need but don’t allow your compassion and empathy to blind you in trusting anyone.


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