Top 15 Interesting Indoor Games For Party With Friends

Indoor games

Indoor games for party with friends that you can organize in your home and entertain your guests. Check out the whole list in the article.

So your special day is approaching within a few days and you are all set to host a house party. The stage is set, the decorations are all planned, and the DJ is decided.

But wait!

You did not plan about the indoor games for your guests yet?!

So here is a list of the top 15 indoor games for party with friends to keep your friends entertained till the last second!

Fun with flags:

You can arrange images of flags of different nations and make your guests identify them. The one who identifies the most flags wins!

Who knows me better?:

Since you are the host of the party you deserve the attention of your guests. Make a list of questions about your favourite cuisine, book, colour, age 😉 or anything and challenge your well-wishers to answer them. The one who answers most questions correctly knows you the best!


Just a few pieces of bright coloured marble papers and some enthusiastic guests is all that you need for this game. Keep an instruction sheet of simple origami creation within a few folds. Make your friends compete to make the best origami in the least possible time.

Musical Chair:

An old & classic game of every birthday party ever. Play the best and trending records to make your guests glued throughout the entire game.

Who drapes better? :

A game involving 2 members where one member preferably the male tries to drape a saree to a female team member and after this the female drapes a dhoti to the male team member. The couple who manages to drape each other the best wins!

Lime ‘n’ spoon:

A short walk while balancing a lime on their spoon by the participants. The one who manages to reach the finishing line first without dropping the lime wins.

Walk the stage:

It’s a birthday party and everyone is expected to be dressed well. So why not give them a chance to flaunt their outfits. This will interest the entire audience and nobody will refuse to become a part of it.

Truth or Dare:

A last resort game for a group of friends chilling together anywhere. Spice it up with hilarious Dares and funny questions.

Who can dance better?

2 people compete at a time showing their best dance moves for the track in the background. The one amongst the two who amazes the audience better remains in the contest while the other is excluded out. This will keep going on and the person who keeps the audience entertained till the end wins!


If your guests’ list includes people with a great sense of humour then you can arrange a setup for this game. The birthday boy/girl is placed in the centre and the people start roasting one by one in a hilarious manner.

Sing a song:

Sounds melodious and soothing but wait! Here’s the twist. Make them sing a song with their mouth stuffed with chips or any other eatables. The who manages to sing well without slight choking wins!

Table Football:

If you can arrange for a table football setup then it is sure to surge the competitive nature among your guests.


A game of numerous teams of 2 members. Each person of the team is made to pick a chit and make his other teammate identify what’s there in the chit. The person who picks up the chit cannot be verbal to his partner and can only use a marker to draw the desired picture.

Button in reverse:

For this game, you will need a few shirts with a button on it. Now each person is given 2-3 un-buttoned shirts and a narrow amount of time of a few seconds. They simply have to button the shirts inside-out within a few seconds. The one who manages to do it within the time interval wins!

Blowing the ball:

Each of the members of a 2 membered team tries to blow out the tennis ball of his opponent before the other one. The member of the side whose ball falls first loses.

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