7 ways to build a positive money mindset

Positive Money Mindset

Build a positive money mindset so that you have no fear or objections left when it comes to handling the real money in your account.

A popular quote by Monika Halan: ” You’ve Worked Hard for It. Now Make It Work for You” emphasizes to reform the attitude of the population regarding finance.

A rock-solid knowledge in finance will help you boost your lifestyle now and even in the later years of your retirement.

Financial freedom, Financial security are such terms involving a person’s existence in society because in the end “Money Matters”.

Here are 7 rules to build on a positive money mindset to help you improve your financial situation ->

  1. Read more:

    By allowing your mind to absorb appropriate content by famous economists and financial Gurus you are going much ahead in the race.

    Make your thoughts in mind resonate with the thoughts by these gurus by reading at least the best works of finance.
  2. Social Media:

    Use Twitter to follow prominent economist, businessmen, Economy related News to keep up with the latest development in the economy and financial sector.

    This will improve your knowledge and you can boast about this in front of friends and colleagues ;).

  3. Introspect:

    Ask yourself about the importance of money in your life. What are your priorities?

    Is it your health, happiness, loved ones, or earning big bucks? There is nothing wrong with what you choose but this will help to create a filter to move away from distractions.

    In this way, you can use your entire concentration to work for it.
  4. Money Affirmations:

    Make up your own affirmation about how much you value money and repeat this in your head every time i.e. during shopping, ordering online, while working overtime, etc.
  5. Money is not the root cause of all evils:

    This is an overrated proverb but does it make sense?

    No, because it isn’t the root cause of evils. It is the only thing that is responsible for my good education, well-settled job, and my comfort. Simply by accusing money as evil or nasty decelerates you to form a positive money mindset.
  6. Expand your knowledge:

    Read the business column of the newspaper religiously.

    Check for gold, silver, crude oil prices daily not for buying them but to have a general idea.
  7. Keep a check on your expenses:

    Believe me, all the positive money mindset attitude fails if you don’t do this.

    Keep a track of your weekly/monthly transactions to enable you to adopt and practice a positive money mindset effectively!

How can I increase my money mindset?

Understand your current situation and try to build a new one with the help of tips given in the article.

How can we get rid of scarcity mindset?

First, by stop comparing to others and believing in abundance, watch video on money manifestation in the article.

How can I change my thinking about money?

By knowing more about it.


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