Intricating Bridal Mehendi Designs For Brides To Be

Bridal Mehendi Designs

Bridal Mehendi Designs that you need to look over if your wedding is near and you would like to have the best Mehendi design.

Bridal Mehendi is one of the most elaborate and detailed works of art. The arms and the legs of brides have to be covered with Heena in beautiful patterns, sometimes it even includes the groom’s name or his initials.

There are many patterns that a bride or most commonly the mother of the bride can choose from. Since the brides have modernized and are looking for more simple and elegant patters, here are some best fits for them:

The first one is elegant and detailed in its depiction of flowers. Generally, the inspiration for these designs is peacocks or flowers. This one is a sunflower and upon close inspection, one can even make ou the leaves.

The design could take hours to make but in the end, it is worth the effort. This gives the bride a royal look.

This one is a traditional design with a beautiful depiction of Krishna and Radha. It is said that Radha and Krishna are lucky in a marriage ceremony.

The design is so detailed and elaborate that patterns on Radha’s skirt are visible from a distance. It is just breathtaking to see a design so beautiful.

The bride and groom on the palms are also very eye-catching with a space between them and the background design to give a 3D effect. The design is almost like a painting on hands.

The third one is a typical Rajasthani Bridal Mehendi Designs

It has the cultural elements of Rajasthan like the carriage of the bride, the elephant of the groom and even the clothes are depicted.

This design takes hours and only skilled designers can do it. The complexity of the design is in the small detailing needed on the wrist and above. But overall it gives off royal vibes. It’s like a pattern one can see clothes. There is no doubt that anyone looking for a royal and traditional wedding will not choose this design.

This design has a great influence on modern art. It has elements of hand lettering and doodling mixed with the traditional Mehendi designs. The cities and the new culture on the hands show that the person has western values. The swan and the floral pattern on the palms denote the Indian roots. The pattern is an excellent choice for someone who wants a mix of both cultures. For the new generation, this choice is a go for.   


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