11 Amazing Iconic 90’s Rachel Green Outfits You Need To Check

Rachel Green- Tru 90s Style Icon

Iconic 90’s rachel green outfits are still relevant today. Not everyone can carry off that but still, it’s fashionable.

Rachel Green is the character that Jennifer Aniston is best known for.

She is undoubtedly the style icon of the nineties.

Throughout the 10 season run of the popular sitcom FRIENDS, she had the most iconic outfits.

People take inspiration from her even today, although it has been over two decades since the show first aired.

Not only were her outfits iconic, but her entire style has also inspired many.

In fact, the Rachel Green hairstyle that consisted of a mid-length cut with shaggy layers became the most requested hairstyle among women.

MAC’s satin lipstick in the shade Paramount also became famous, since it is her signature brown lipstick.

Rachel Green was the true fashionista.

Her style is very bold.

She can pull off outfits like nobody else can.

Let’s discuss some of her iconic 90’s Rachel Green Outfits throughout the run of the show.


Overalls never go out of style, they’re a classic. Rachel Green wore a lot of overalls during the run of the show.

Although she wore them frequently, every time she did it was a unique combination that suited her very well.

Rachel Green outfit


The art of layering has become very prevalent these days. It is an integral part of the minimalist clothing culture.

The art of layering means wearing a bunch of different clothing one on top of the other and creating a distinct style.
(NOT like what Joey did) it is important to wear clothes and accessories in such a way that it creates a good ensemble.

Well what can we say other than she did it before it was cool? Here are a bunch of such outfits.
The first is a bold fuscia fur code layered with the top and a maxi skirt.

This is creative layering with distinct platform shoes.

Monochrome layering


The trend of wearing mini skirts with turtlenecks was brought by Rachel Green. She rocked outfits like that a couple of times, and this combination is sure one of her most stylish ones.

The episode where Marcel the monkey causes ruckus, she combined a white turtleneck with a plaid skirt and high socks. People have often recreated this look for Halloween.

In this outfit Rachel paired a black turtleneck with a black mini skirt and high boots.

The Dresses Tube

Dresses are tricky garments to wear and not everybody can pull them off. But obviously this is Rachel Green we are talking about. She pulled it off effortlessly and looked gorgeous.


The crop tops that she wore were quite unique, they had collars. What can I really say, just take a look at some of her Most iconic crop tops.


No matter what decade is, Denim never truly goes out of style. The good thing about denim is that it looks good on everybody yet everybody can have their own personal way to style it and look cool. It’s also comfortable.


Rachel doesn’t only wear clothes that a normal American would wear. Her clothing expands beyond that. She has been seen wearing outfits that are inspired with other cultures as well.

Kimono dress

Rachel green in kurta


When Rachel went back to work after the birth of Emma, she combined an off-shoulder button-down with a tie and that became a huge sensation.


Why is it that when Rachel wears the most casual clothing she still looks like a superstar and when I do it I look like a homeless person?


Rachel wears slip dresses a lot throughout the show. They simply suit her well. She plays with colours and patterns and looks fabulous.


One thing that distinctively says that the show was made in the 90s is that Rachel is seen wearing a lot of leopard print. It was quite popular back then. Actually, the trend of wearing animal print is one of those things that has not gone out of style yet.


One can not go wrong with the classic little black dress, and Rachel pulls the LBD off effortlessly! So she is the one who has shown us how it’s done, time and again.

How To Look Like Rachel Green Everyday

Hope you love the article all about iconic 90’s rachel green outfits.


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