6 Powerful Badam Pisin Benefits You Need To Know

badam pisin

Almond gum OR Badam Pisin benefits are so many like helping in disorders and also providing strength.

Remember the good old days?

Homemade recipes were a part of curing all diseases. And when the home was not a place to suffice hunger but also to create vital life knowledge.

Let’s take memories through the lanes of those vintage roads.

Right above a mother’s lap to suggest different uses of Badam Pisin or Almond Gum.

If mothers have a group of homemade tricks, the first one to get introduced will be for sure “Almond Gum”!

Why you ask?

Because it serves as a “Ram Band” (an accurate arrow) for females.

All problems are related to periods and reproductive health.

Gond/Edible gum has found its original way back in the era of Greek and Romans.

But for Indians, it’s said to originate from Babool and tree’s bark withdraws its pulp or resin in the form of Gond. Almond gum is a byproduct of the metabolic mechanism of a tree.

You get them as small rocks over the bark in usual colours of white and brown.

Almond and gum are two different substances which have many individual uses.

Time to know the Badam pisin benefits or Almond Gum Uses ->

1. Fertility –

It is common and ritual to have Gond ladoos after pregnancy.

According to Ayurveda, gum works in amazing ways.

It re-establishes the nutritional value of a female’s body (after giving birth).

It is useful in reviving the menstruation cycle to its original format.

Almond gum in laddoos with lots of dry fruits and nuts is beneficial for both men and women.

2. Coolant-

Almond gum acts as a natural body coolant in reducing the body heat.

Which in turn brings us to the fact that it is a healthy way of acidity removal.

Although, almond and gum are as cold and hot in nature.

Though together they combine to form the perfect amalgam suiting every body type.

3. Emulsifier –

Many pharmaceutical industries and food companies use this combination for emulsifiers.

Emulsifiers are a semi-solid or even liquid outcome.

They’re made using a variety of substances.

And for this, it’s used for laddoos, drinks and even ice-creams.

Homemade Sweets for sweet tooth

4. Uses –

Ice creams and cold drinks are additives to all and it’s worthy of a health presenter’s added to them.

Due to the sticky nature of gum, Badam Pisin used in making ice creams.

And even jellies, which serves a better source of nutrition to kids!

5. Disorders –

It’s said that if taken with milk and sugar, Badam Pisin can help increase weight and immunity.

Likewise, it will help reduce weakness, anxiety, and comfort with stabilizing depression.

Further, almond acts in two ways; it’s taken without cover it acts with a cool response and vice versa.

Hence, for almond gum, it’s taken without coating.

Foods That Boost Metabolism

6. Strength –

During the winter season, almond gum acts as the best source.

It provides all the necessary nourishment, especially protein.

It’s recommended intake needs to be in an adequate amount.

It helps strengthen bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints because of its adherence capacity.

All beneficial things might not suit the taste buds always.

Hence almond gum is not everyone’s cup of tea because of its tacky nature.

Most people don’t prefer for various metabolic reasons and it stands true sometimes.

Excess of anything can be harmful.

If consumed in larger quantities, almond gum can cause gastric problems too.

But the good it does to a human body!

There is nothing that creates a hindrance to its ever giving blessing.

Also, in India where sacred nature has served mankind, we owe to its authentic extent trees.

They have forever been a source of wisdom, ailment, and nourishment!

So these were the benefits of Badam Pisin, hope you liked the article.


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